GMAT Testimonials


Adwit Kashyap

GMAT Score: 780

The study material provided by Jamboree gave me a very good exposure to GMAT questions. Through the course I got mentally prepared for the exam. The teaching and testing methodology at Jamboree really cements the knowledge in a student’s mind. Full length prep tests gave me a sound base on how to approach the exam on the day. read more

Samiya Nasim

GMAT Score: 780

I jumped into GMAT prep with a mental block on Quant. Despite joining Jamboree classes in Chennai for 6 weeks, putting in 2-3 hours every day and brushing my quant skills, I managed to psyche myself out in the first attempt scoring 740 (Q49,V44). Dissatisfied, I took a second attempt after 15 days and scored 780(Q50,V48). read more


GMAT Score: 780

My experience at Jamboree was fabulous. The staff at the centre have always been encouraging and friendly. Every step was hassle free from registration to the mock tests that I have been appearing for in the last few days. I was enrolled in the Weekend Batch . I think it would be sufficient to say that the class was handled with perfection. I don't see any aspect of the class in which one can point out some scope for improvement. read more


GMAT Score: 780

Jamboree has played the most crucial role in enabling me to get a decent score on the GMAT. The clarity of concepts that the faculty encourage is impressive to say the least. In a single statement, jamboree has helped me learn by clarity of thought and made sure that I learn to apply everything that is taught in classes. My special thanks to my faculty, without whose support my verbal scores would most probably have been a disaster. Thank you is all that I can offer in return. read more

Mekhla Shrivastav

GMAT Score: 770

When I joined Jamboree, I started at a score of 690, what really helped me was the faculty of Jamboree. I did everything that the faculty at Jamboree asked me to do. The resources that Jamboree provides are very helpful, the red book, the blue book and the OG are like my bible. read more


GMAT Score: 770

From classroom sessions that focused on laying down the concepts for various topics to the innumerable number of doubt sessions that all teachers paid attention to, Jamboree helped me identify and work on my weak areas. The tests available on the Jamboree website along with the official Prep Tests helped me improve both my speed and accuracy. I would definitely recommend everyone to join Jamboree, for the personal attention and the guidance that teachers are able to give to each and every student at Jamboree, and the same plays a huge confidence building role in any exam! read more


GMAT Score: 770

Jamboree has been very helpful with the preparations for my exam. The classes were very informative and the teachers guide you throughout, even in odd hours. Moreover, they gave me all the support I needed for my second attempt. The test series available at Jamboree's portal provides all types of questions and helps one prepare for all difficulty levels. I sincerely thank the staff and teachers for all their help and support. read more


GMAT Score: 770

Jamboree NFC centre was recommended to me by a friend who got 760 in the GMAT and is currently at Wharton. I joined the course here and got a score of 770 recently. My experience here has been positive throughout. The pace here is fast and the core curriculum is finished in 2 months. There are multiple webinars every week to address doubts and to teach advanced concepts, which proved useful and convenient because they can be attended from any location. The study materials are ample and give you hundreds of GMAT-quality questions to practice on from every area, which is very valuable.I took a transfer to another centre closer to home once classes were finished, and I found the staff at both places cordial and helpful. The centre has a library as well, and you can read books by all the major GMAT-prep publishers (Manhattan, Kaplan etc). You can also take practice tests at the computers at the centre, or by logging in from home. In conclusion, if you find yourself comfortable with basic English and Maths, and want to rapidly get up to your best potential, I recommend this centre. read more


GMAT Score: 770

But for Jamboree, I would probably not have turned in such a good performance. To be frank, the jamboree experience has been an eye opener (Before joining Jamboree, I was aiming for a score of 700-720.). The course material and topics covered during the classroom sessions were extremely helpful.( Not only were the sessions so interesting and informative, but also there was a distinct personal touch to the whole experience) read more

Raghav Aggarwal

GMAT Score: 760

My overall experience with Jamboree was very good. The faculty & administration were approachable & supportive as well - I got a lot of personal attention towards my queries. The library facilities & online test series was also a plus point. Their curriculum was extremely focused towards achieving my end objective, i.e. to ensure I get a good GMAT score. I would recommend Jamboree to anyone who wants to score well in GMAT. read more

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