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Anu Kumari GMAT 790 Archit Singhal GMAT 780 Shivam Garg GMAT 780 Himanshu GMAT 770 Ishaan Mittal GMAT 770 Sarthak Gupta GMAT 770 Pratishtha Punj GMAT 770 Ayush Vats GMAT 770 Abhinav Dawar GMAT 770 Swarnim Sharma GMAT 770 Arpit Goel GMAT 770 Parth Dahuja GMAT 770 Aditya Sulakhe GMAT 760 R Rakesh Gowda GMAT 760 Tushar Lakhmani GMAT 760 Radhika Kalra GMAT 760 Anand Jawade GMAT 760 Reethika reddy GMAT 760 Ravneeth Kotwal GMAT 760 Gaurav Saxena GMAT 760 Taanvi Sajja GMAT 760 Likith Kumar J GMAT 760 Harsh Shukla GMAT 750 Manasi Patil GMAT 750 Pourush Kalra GMAT 750 Sahil Saraph GMAT 750 Prashant Prem GMAT 750 Vikrant Sethi GMAT 750 Fraze Tasnim GMAT 750 Rishil Gupta GMAT 750 Armaan Dhanda GMAT 740 Akshay Nagpal GMAT 740 Samiksha Agarwal GMAT 740 Akshit Sahai GMAT 740 Sayan Dhar GMAT 740 Satish Kumar GMAT 740 Leo Soni GMAT 740 Vipul Aggarwal GMAT 740 Rashi Jindal GMAT 740 Angad Singh GMAT 730 Kabir Khurana GMAT 730 Shreeya Arora GMAT 730 Dr Srishti Chakravarty GMAT 730 Nishchal Kumar GMAT 730 Sahil GMAT 730 Shakti Tokas GMAT 730 Aashwin GMAT 730 Amit Mohapatra GMAT 730 Rohaan Wadhwa GMAT 730 Mayur Ahuja GMAT 730 Anirudh Suresh GMAT 730 Ayush Singhal GMAT 730 Aastha Vijaywargiya GMAT 730 Mahak GMAT 730 Shrishti Agarwal GMAT 720 Shruthi Lakshmi GMAT 720 Shruti Sarah Anand GMAT 720 Ishanya GMAT 720 Muskan Shivani GMAT 720 Harsh Maheshwari GMAT 720 Akash Reddy GMAT 720 Natasha Kumar GMAT 720 Avi George Varghese GMAT 720 Arman Ranjan GMAT 720 Muskan Chauhan GMAT 720 Vanshika Gulati GMAT 720 Anuj Khetan GMAT 720 Manish Singhal GMAT 720 Manish Singhal GMAT 720 Varun Iyer GMAT 710 Vishakha GMAT 710 AKSHAY BHARDWAJ GMAT 710 Chaitanya Kalra GMAT 710 Ketan Pandey GMAT 710 Jeffrey Wilson GMAT 710 Mridul Gupta GMAT 710 Anmol Bhatia GMAT 710 Simranjeet Singh Gambhir GMAT 710 Shivam GMAT 710 Vanshika Goel GMAT 710 Piya Podder GMAT 710 Abhinav Sharma GMAT 710 Maanit Agrawal GMAT 710 Kshitiz Dhiman GMAT 710 P Chandan Kumar GMAT 710 Prashant Kumar GMAT 710 Anushka Chaudhary GMAT 710 Maninder Singh GMAT 710 Tanya Garg GMAT 710 Harshit Agarwal GMAT 710 Karan Baldota GMAT 710 Raghav Narang GMAT 710 Apoorv Mathur GMAT 710 Apoorv Mathur GMAT 710 Nirjhar Bala GMAT 710 Ketan Pandey GMAT 710 Kush Khanna GMAT 710 Vanshita Khanna GMAT 710 Pragya Batra GMAT 710 Abhiraj Kumar Singh GMAT 710 Saket Jain GMAT 710 Arjun Amrit Kapur GMAT 710 Nikita Hajela GMAT 710 Shivam Mundhra GMAT 700 Tulsi Patil GMAT 700 Vedaant Aggarwal GMAT 700 Shambhavi Mehrotra GMAT 700 Aarushi Mittal GMAT 700 Aarushi Mittal GMAT 700 Tushar Mathur GMAT 700 Rakesh Konkumalla GMAT 700 Rajan Singh GMAT 700 Kashish Kedia GMAT 700 Mahima Baja GMAT 700 Daksh Kapoor GMAT 700 Anshika Jain GMAT 700 DEBDOOT CHANDRA GMAT 700 Tanya Aggarwal GMAT 700 Jaathaveda M V GMAT 700 Charvee Gupta GMAT 700 Charvee Gupta GMAT 700 Mihir Sharma GMAT 700 Nishant Garg GMAT 700 Vaibhav Gupta GMAT 700 Thomas George GMAT 700 Akshat Agarwal GMAT 700 Shashank Sharma GMAT 700 Shashank Sharma GMAT 700 Pushkar Sharma GMAT 700 Guruprasad Vaidyanathan GMAT 700 Sumit Saini GMAT 700 Thomas George GMAT 700 Pranjul Aggarwal GMAT 700 Mridul Garg GMAT 700 Shashwat Poddar GMAT 700

GMAT Classroom Training Features

Venn Diagram GMAT
  • 66 hours classroom training and topic-wise concept building
  • 44 hours of HD videos that exactly mirror Jamboree’s GMAT Program
  • Jamboree’s study material (3 books)
  • Unlimited AWA essay reviews
  • 180+ hours of webinars - Foundation sessions, question discussion, Doubt sessions, Verbal refresher sessions before exams, Admissions information Sessions
  • Computer lab & library with reference books
  • Unlimited scheduled doubt clearing sessions
  • One-on-one test discussion and analysis with faculty    
  • Online portal with 3000+ practice questions and their explanation
  • Detailed study plan customized to your target score and exam date
  • Official GMAC Exam Pack 2
  • 12 Online full-length & sectional tests developed through 25+ years of research
  • 1 year course validity including the option of repeating classes within the validity period
  • IELTS or TOEFL classes (in-center or live), complete study material and full-length tests
  • Access to exclusive information sessions & webinars with top universities
  • Access to Jamboree alumni community and post class support

What Our GMAT Prep Achievers Say

Nikaash Puri

Nikaash Puri

GMAT Score - 760

"The comprehensive GMAT preparation material and the attentive faculty make for a very good learning experience at Jamboree. I would strongly recommend Jamboree for GMAT prep."

Varada Narayan

Varada Narayan

GMAT Score - 740

"Jamboree helped me manage work and classes efficiently. Jamboree is very flexible with class timings and helps you take them at your convenience. The faculty are dedicated and take a proactive interest in your progress. I am very happy with the experience."

Rupali Walia

Rupali Walia

GMAT Score - 730

“The USPs of Jamboree's Adhchini centre are individual attention and expert guidance by the faculty. The faculty always goes out of their way to help the students. I would personally recommend the classroom program for all aspirants.”

Aarushi Goel

Aarushi Goel

GMAT Score - 720

"I attended GMAT classes in Jamboree Adchini, and it's an excellent institute with one of the most supportive faculties ever. They have been there for me at every step and always helped me from studying for the exam to mental preparation for the D-Day. Highly recommend it!"

Ayush Joshi

Ayush Joshi

GMAT Score - 710

"I enrolled in Jamboree's New Friends Colony centre and would thoroughly recommend it for GMAT preparation. You also get access to GMAT prep tests and questions in the lab. It was a good experience overall."

Why Choose Jamboree for GMAT Test Prep?

Unmatched Scores on the GMAT since 1993

Smart Analytics help you track and evaluate your performance

Powerful adaptive technology platform streamlines your preparation

Targeted study plan & exhaustive Full-Length tests to maximize speed and accuracy

Mentoring and Coaching by the best and most experienced faculty

Personalized attention through Unlimited Doubt Clearing Sessions

Want to know more about the GMAT, like eligibility, fees, test structure, test dates

Your GMAT Prep Essentials

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Track your GMAT exam preparation with advanced analytics. Understand your progress with a performance matrix, accuracy chart, progress report & test-wise analysis.

Score Predictor

Score Predictor

For every full-length test to support your GMAT exam prep. You will get a score out of 800, so you know where you stand. The accuracy of our score predictor is +/- 20 points.

Doubt Clearing Sessions

Doubt Clearing Sessions

To foolproof your GMAT prep, our online portal makes it easy to schedule doubt-clearing sessions (general or 1-on-1) at your convenience.

GMAT-Like Testing Portal

GMAT-Like Testing Portal

The testing platform at Jamboree’s portal stimulates the actual GMAT test experience to familiarise you with the testing conditions.

Customized Study Plan

Customized Study Plan

Keep yourself on track with a customised GMAT study plan based on your target test date.

Jamboree Offers Everything
You Need For A Smart GMAT Exam Preparation

GRE App GMAT Prep App

Free GMAT Prep Resources

GMAT Mini Quiz


Take the GMAT preparation test and begin your GMAT preparation online now

GMAT Test Concepts

Study Planner

Begin your GMAT coaching with this study planner prepared by our experts to help you with your GMAT prep

Download GMAT Syllabus

Syllabus Download

Download the GMAT syllabus now and get a head start on your GMAT preparation


Depending on the student, the total time required to prepare for the GMAT exam can vary between 2 months to 6 months.

Jamboree provides a complete GMAT preparation kit, including study material, books, handouts, and offline and online tests. You don't have to scout for additional prep resources, as the Jamboree GMAT kit is bundled together to help you ace the GMAT.

Absolutely! Write to us at if you want to switch your program type. We will get back to you with details and any applicable terms and conditions.

Our fees vary from city to city. Although we recommend that you complete your classes with the same faculty once you start, we understand if you need to move. We will allow you to transfer batches after adjusting the difference in fees between the cities. And if you have to relocate to a place without a Jamboree Centre, you can choose our GMAT Online Live program.

As we have multiple batches running simultaneously at our centres, you can write to us at to schedule your missed class in a different batch.

Depending on what you are looking for, you can pick either. GMAT Online would be a better option if your daily schedule does not permit following structured classes at a designated time, lacks flexibility, or if you want to prepare at your own pace. On the other hand, if you are looking for disciplined preparation in a time-bound manner with the flexibility of both classroom and online programs, as well as one-on-one guidance when solving questions, then GMAT Live Classes would be better.

Your Jamboree Centre Manager can address all your queries. Feel free to contact them through email at or by phone. You can find the details at

The GMAT is a standardised, computer-adaptive exam used by B-schools for admissions to their management programs. It is a 3-hour and 7-minute long exam divided into four sections, namely Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Integrated Reasoning and Analytical Writing Assessment.

The total score ranges from 200 to 800 in 10-point increments.

  • Analytical Writing Assessment section grades are from 0-6 in 0.5 increments. 

  • The Integrated Reasoning section is scored on a scale of 1-8 in 1 point increments. 

  • Quantitative scores range from 0 to 60 in 1-point increments. However, scores below 6 and above 51 are rare. 

  • Verbal scores range from 0-60 in 1-point increments. However, scores below 9 and above 44 are rare.

The cost of the GMAT exam is USD 275, which translates to roughly INR 23,000. This amount includes reporting your GMAT score to the four B-schools of your choice. For more detailed information on GMAT exam fees, click here.

You can repeat your classes as many times as you want to within the validity period. Please email us at to schedule your repeat class in another batch.

B-schools only accept the GMAT scores delivered directly to them by GMAC through their official site. GMAT registration fees include the cost of sending your score to four B-schools of your choice. If you have to send your GMAT score to more than the selected four, you have to pay USD 35 per school.

Our teaching methodology starts with concept building, followed by problem-solving, doubt-clearing, and regular mock tests. Test results are systematically analysed for the identification of weak areas, and special emphasis is laid on removing weaknesses through regular one-on-one doubt-clearing sessions.

Your Aadhar Card and passport are acceptable proof of identity if you take the GMAT exam online. However, if you're taking the GMAT exam at the test centre, a passport is the only acceptable form of ID proof.

Most universities take the best of all your GMAT scores. However, it is best to confirm the same from the particular university before applying.

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