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The TOEFL™ course is one month in duration. Classes are held twice a week and each class is three hours in duration. Alternatively, students can attend two hour classes thrice a week. The course covers all aspects and sections of the exams. New batches commence fortnightly. Please feel free to contact your nearest centre for exact new batch details. We also provide unlimited computer practice for TOEFL™ practice tests. Our library is equipped with all the latest tests available for the TOEFL™. Apart from virtual classroom, our faculty also helps you in the doubt clearing.

How Jamboree’s TOEFL Training Helps You Get A High Score

  • 16 hours of live classes covering all concepts and questions
  • 16 hours of Live training for English Foundation(Grammar & Writing)
  • Jamboree's study material
  • 8-12 full-length mock tests
  • Customized essay grading and exam guidance
  • Unlimited doubt-clearing sessions
  • Unlimited access to library
  • Course validity of 3 months
  • 1 free university counseling session
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In our experience, students require 2 to 3 weeks to master all the sections of Toefl.
You will not need to buy any books. We will provide you with our complete study material - books, handouts, practice material, etc. and this will be enough for you to get a high score.
Teaching at Jamboree is standardized across all centers in India and abroad. Our faculty is truly committed to deliver Jamboree’s hallmark simplified concept-building and problem-solving methodology at all times. As a result, all centers are equally good for Toefl preparation.
In special cases and for genuine reasons intercity or inter-center transfer is possible. You can contact us at or at +91 9971285337. We’ll be happy to help
You will be communicated the batch schedule by your Center Manager. In case of any change in the batch timings, students are informed in advance by SMS/Whatsapp or by email.
Yes, you can. Centers stay open from 10 AM to 8 PM on all days of the week and enrolled students are welcome to access the Study Room during working hours.

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