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The Jamboree Admissions Cell is a one-stop center for applying to universities abroad for all undergraduate, graduate, MBA, and PhD related studies. We help you shortlist universities that match your requirements and are a best fit to your profile. Applying to universities abroad is not a cake-walk; the admission process is elaborate with various steps. However, once you've enrolled with us, we ensure that the admissions process becomes as painless and hassle-free as possible. Our comprehensive database ensures scientific school selection that is customized to your requirements. From choosing suitable universities to taking care of your entire application process and then following up with universities - we remain with you, all the way until you secure admission. We also have an extensive network of students studying in foreign universities who are readily approachable for feedback on studying and living abroad. Of the thousands of universities in the world, there is one perfect-fit university for you, and we will get you there.


Hemant Sharma
Program admitted to: MS MIS University name: Carnegie Mellon
Rohit Jain
Program admitted to: MBA University name: Harvard University
Samridhi Govil
Program admitted to: BS Computer Science University name: UCLA
Varun Singhal
Program admitted to: MS Electrical Engineering University name: University of Pennsylvania
Ishan Gupta
Program admitted to: MBA University name: Stanford University
Vamika Singh
Program admitted to: BS Economics University name: University of Chicago
Noyonika Roy
Program admitted to: MS Chemical Engineering University name: Columbia University
Sameer Mathur
Sameer Mathur
Program admitted to: MBA University name: INSEAD
Manan Chugh
Program admitted to: BS Engineering University name: Cornell University

Services provided by the Jamboree Admissions Cell include:

  1. University Selection: Identifying the right universities for you based on your profile, your preferences, your budget and the admission records of our students from past years. We will give you a list of 15-20 universities and rate your chances of admission to each one. Your admissions counselor will then help you further zero down to the exact number of schools that you are planning to apply to.
  2. Helping you identify your recommenders
  3. Editing your Letters of Recommendations-(LOR)
  4. Building the contents of your Statement of Purpose (SOP) and Essays
  5. Preparing your Resume
  6. Helping you prepare all your documents which include application forms, financial aid applications, transcripts, and financial documents
  7. Reviewing your online application
  8. Comprehensive and rigorous interview training: We will give you university-specific interview training.
  9. Providing you with Value-Added Services such as insurance, discounted couriers, educational loans, discounted foreign exchange, ticketing and much more.

Join the Jamboree Admissions Cell before your exams

Save on score reporting: At the time of taking the exam, you are given the opportunity to report your GRE®, SAT® and TOEFL™ scores to 4 universities and GMAT® scores to 5 universities free of cost. If you do not avail this option, then you will be charged $15-$30 to send scores to each university later on. If you join the Jamboree Admissions Cell, we will develop a list of universities that match your profile prior to the exam so that you can take full advantage of the opportunity to send your score immediately after the exam is over, thus saving your cost.

Apply early: While you are preparing for your exams we can prepare your SOP and Recommendation Letters (LOR). When applying abroad, the earlier you apply, the better are your chances of admission and financial aid.

Adequate research time: Starting early gives you time to research your universities thoroughly before you apply.

Why Jamboree Admissions Cell?

  • A team of highly qualified professionals who understand the admissions process inside–out
  • Placement history that includes MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, Cornell, Columbia, and Oxford
  • Pre-screening of applicants to ensure that you get admission to the best fit university for you
  • 99% success rate on Admissions
  • 70% success rate on Financial Aid
  • Professional attitude and unparalleled level of commitment
  • Exhaustive database of all previous students' profiles and admission results that can be used to find the best fit university for you
  • Expertise in diverse areas of application process

How is the Jamboree Admissions Cell different from other Admissions Consultancies?

  • Flexible University short listing: You can have extensive discussion sessions to help you finalize all the universities that you want to apply to. For example, even if you have paid for the applications of 3 universities, we do not limit the short listing to just 3 universities.
  • Unlimited number of edits on your documents The only thing we care about is that your documents should be of the best possible quality. We don’t just say – “Give drafts.” We arrange for brainstorming sessions with your essay writer to help you come up with ideas for your essays. If you are not able to provide drafts, we will help you come up with ideas for the drafts. For SOPs, we just ask you to fill a questionnaire – NO DRAFTS REQUIRED.
  • Unlimited University-specific interview training sessions: We prepare you for interviews, even if you have not applied to that university through us.
  • Value-added services: A wide range of value added services such as discounted couriers, discounted foreign exchange services, discounted air tickets, education loans, discounted student health insurance and part-time job opportunities once you are abroad.
  • Unparalleled admission results: Over the past 10 years, we have placed students in all the top universities in the world including, but not limited to, Harvard, Wharton, Stanford, MIT, Columbia, Cornell, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge, ISB, London Business School, and London School of Economics.

Choose The Program To Avail Counselling Benefits

UG Admission Counselling
  1. Find the right university for your undergraduate studies
  2. Scholarship advice
  3. Profile-building
  4. Admission process consultation
MBA Admission Counselling
  1. Finding the best-fit program/university for your MBA
  2. Scholarship Advice
  3. Profile-strengthening
  4. Application assistance and consultation
MS, PhD Admission Counselling
  1. Find the right program/university for your MS/PhD
  2. Scholarship/fellowship advice
  3. Research-work profile help
  4. Application assistance and expert consultation

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