Planning for the GMAT - Preparation and Study Plan

Studying for the GMAT requires 3P’s: Persistence, Patience and a Plan. The first two are developed gradually, but you can begin on the third right away. Here is your step-by-step guide and GMAT study plan to tackling the GMAT for a 700+ score:

Evaluate yourself

Take Jamboree’s GMAT Diagnostic Test to assess yourself. The diagnostic test consists of questions based on the actual GMAT. Your customized Test Report, generated at the end of the exam, gives you a clear picture of your strengths and the areas that you need to work on.

Follow a study plan

We at Jamboree, realise that it is difficult for college students and working professionals to carry out full-time GMAT preparation. That is why we have broken down the entire GMAT syllabus into small achievable modules that can be tackled little by little on a weekly basis.

With 25 years of working with every kind of student under the sun, our SMEs and R&D team have come up with a fool-proof GMAT Study Plan for nearly effortless GMAT preparation.  

Study consistently

The GMAT study plan, if followed sincerely during your GMAT Preparation period, would push you to study each day—something that is crucial when preparing for the GMAT. Most students with 700+ GMAT scores advise that studying 2-3 hours every day helps more than studying once or twice a week for long hours.

Take mock tests

Mock tests prepare you physically and mentally for the exam. Take Jamboree’s full-length mock tests that simulate the GMAT exam completely. Our comprehensive student database reveals that mock test scores vary by ±20 points with respect to the actual GMAT.

For a detailed week-by-week preparation plan, download Jamboree’s comprehensive GMAT Study Plan-2019 right here: GMAT Study Plan.

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