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Welcome to Jamboree’s overseas education consultancy in Dehradun. We cater to all the needs of students who intend to study in India and abroad. We offer complete guidance and support to our students, all the way from reviewing student profile to finally settling down in a foreign university. In short, we are the invisible helping hand that stays by you and takes you step by step through profile building, university shortlisting, building your application essays, helping you with LORs and SOPs, preparing you for interviews, connecting you with education loan providers and other services and assisting you with pre-departure preparation.

We are the most experienced study abroad consultants in Dehradun with 17+ years of counseling expertise. We realize that universities conduct a holistic review of a student's application, so, so you need much more than good test scores to make it to your dream university abroad. Our profile assessment and enhancement service helps your profile stand out among thousands of other applicants and ensures that you put your best foot forward.

If you are confused about which country and what university to pick, Jamboree has a scientific way to help. We analyse several factors like budget, choice of program, preferred country and post-degree employment opportunities. So, our students are given a tailored set of the most suitable universities wherein the probability of getting admission and scholarships is significant. Our experienced team of writers and editors knows what works where. They work on your application essays and SOPs and after a series of iterations, a winning essay is born. Apart from these, you receive personalized interview training from our experienced counselors, financial planning advice and an informative pre-departure orientation. Our ultimate goal is to get you to your dream university in India or abroad.

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Track Record

Assured Success

Unbeatable track record of 200,000+ admits at universities across the globe


Test Prep

Undivided attention by our mentors and faculty, delivering the highest test scores

Test Prep

Expert Team

Unlimited review sessions by our experts for application material at every stage


Insightful University Shortlists

Uninhibited and database-driven shortlisting to find your best fit


Comprehensive Financial Services

Thorough guidance on loans and scholarships with Jamboree’s value-added services

Visa Application

Visa Application

Once you’re admitted, Jamboree continues to stay by your side with guidance on documentation and visa services.

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What Jamboree dehradun students have to say

Gaurav Sharma

Gaurav Sharma, ADMISSION ISB Hyderabad

Thank you team Jamboree!!! The guidance and support I received at Jamboree helped me sail through my GMAT and application process.  The experienced Jamboree team provides best in class training & mentoring.  Thank you once again for all the help and support…


Anvi, ADMISSION Digital Media Design, BSE, University of Pennsylvania

“I don’t think I would’ve made it to an Ivy if it weren’t for Jamboree.” Ever since she was 9, Anvi from Indore, was fascinated with digital media designing. In Class 9 she decided to pursue her studies abroad as the kind of exposure she wanted was not available in India. Initially, her parents pushed her to prepare for the IITs... but when she scored well on SAT mocks, they encouraged her to pursue her dream of studying abroad. She took her first SAT when she was in Class 11th (score 2130) and then later, twice in Class 12th (with scores 2240 and 2400 respectively). Anvi came to Delhi in May 2014 to prepare for the SAT. She took classes at Jamboree every day for a month, at different centers. She chose to attend all the verbal classes because she felt that her writing section was weak. At Jamboree, she learnt specific tips and tricks to solve questions. Prior to attending admissions counselling at Jamboree, she knew nothing about which colleges she could apply to. With Jamboree’s applications guidance she could apply to colleges like Penn, NYU, Georgia Tech, etc. and finally made it to Penn, her dream college and program.  read more

Mohammad Afshan Adbi

Mohammad Afshan Adbi, ADMISSION SUNY Buffalo, Iowa State University, Wichita State University for BS Aerospace Engineering

It wasn’t possible to achieve my dream without Jamboree. From my preparation of SAT and TOEFL to visa processing, the holistic guidance I received, wasn’t possible I believe, at any other institute. The amount of effort that all of you put is amazing. Apart from working on my profile, I have improved a lot, right from quick to communication skills. One could call it a byproduct. I sincerely want to thank my counsellors and all the teachers from Jamboree, Kolkata who stood by me and prepared me for challenges of SAT/TOEFL. Once again, thank you Jamboree.
read more

Bhuwan Sharma

Bhuwan Sharma, ADMISSION PGPX in IIM Ahmedabad

Jamboree has enabled me to get in shape for a great score! Their coaching is based on a rich and well-researched database. The tutors train with rigor and passion. The mock tests are insightful and although verbal and quant skills required in GMAT are top notch, I was able to focus without distractions. The applications process and guides... helped me to express the best of me. I could trace my achievements on a continuum with help from Jamboree and was able to communicate my intentions to various MBA institutes to the best of my capability. Thank you! Keep up the good work! read more

Swati Srivastava

Swati Srivastava, ADMISSION MBA in USC-Marshall ($ 50000), UT Austin ($ 10000), Indiana Kelley (50%), Rice University ($44000), Georgetown (Mc Donough)

 I am really grateful to Jamboree for guiding me through the tricky application process. It is because of you guys that I have 5 accepts. My counsellor’s help was instrumental in getting me through. I really appreciate how she guided me through interviews even late at night to suit my convenience. I look forward to workin...g with you again. I really have no words to describe my writer’s level of patience, I know it was not easy to summarize huge stories written by me into a meaningful application essay. I really thank her for going the extra mile to finish my all 5 applications in R1 itself. It will be my pleasure to recommend Jamboree for GMAT counseling to my peers. read more

Mohak Bhatia

Mohak Bhatia, ADMISSION MS Electrical Engineering in University of Central Florida, University of Houston

I joined Jamboree in April, 2017 for consultation regarding higher studies in US. Since I was working at that time, gathering all the information and doing my own research regarding university requirements, courses being offered, writing SOPs and LORs seemed like a mountain of task made worse with the abundant information available online... and social media that baffled me instead of bringing clarity. I feel it’s important that someone is there to guide you when you sail through uncharted waters and I don’t think I could have found any consultancy more worthy of this task than Jamboree.

I liked the approach of assigning dedicated consultants and writers based on the specialisation I wanted to do for my higher studies which was instrumental in clearing my doubts and numerous traps that one can get into while applying for a good college while also helping me bring out the best in my profile through SOPs, CVs, and LORs. I was assigned a list of universities to which I should apply based on extensive research done on my profile. These universities were the ones that I could aim for instead of mindlessly applying to all the top universities.
The consultants and the writers were really thorough in their knowledge and quite experienced in their respective fields. Because of their help I got selected by Uni
read more



I was determined to get into ISB but I did not know how, I was not confident about my abilities to compile a competitive application all by myself. At Jamboree, all the 3 mentors assigned to me for different areas of my application helped me at every step, bringing out the best of my achievements and making my application look strong. The...y were always on their toes and kept reminding me about the deadlines, they never stood back and relaxed or just left it upon me. They assured that anything that I submitted was perfect and on point. I was pretty impressed by the kind of help I received from all the 3, especially my writer, who did a wonderful job at helping me with my essays. I definitely owe a huge part of my success to jamboree since we all know that presentation is of utmost importance. Whatever my achievements or scores were, these people made sure that the most relevant things were glorified and highlighted, which I wouldn't have been able to do myself. Thank you jamboree for all the support.  read more

Abhimanyu Prabhu

Abhimanyu Prabhu, ADMISSION Duke University

Great place for GRE coaching. Helped me get a 320+ score with less than a month of preparation. The faculty is very friendly and approachable. Some of the tips and tricks I learnt here were even better than the ones on Magoosh!. The mock tests they provide are actually harder than the actual exam and help you do better on the actual exam.... I Also used their admissions counselling to get admit into one of the best B-schools in the US. Definitely give them a try. read more

Srajit Saxena

Srajit Saxena, GMAT

I enrolled in Jamboree's online program for GMAT preparation. I am quite satisfied with my decision as the quality of classes was really good, especially the Quant classes. Moreover, Jamboree offers quality admission preparation material.

Jay Khadker

Jay Khadker, GMAT

"The faculty at Jamboree is excellent for GMAT. The coaching provided here is unparalleled. The preparation material and teaching methodologies are highly effective, making it one of the best coaching classes in Mumbai for GMAT preparation."

Nandhini Jayakumar

Nandhini Jayakumar, GRE

The quant and verbal faculty for GRE at Jamboree are exceptional and approachable. They provided individual attention whenever needed. I am highly satisfied with the quality of teaching and the materials offered at Jamboree. The webinars, conducted by the best faculty for the subject, are a unique feature, adding tremendous value to the l...earning experience. I am content and delighted with my decision to join Jamboree for GRE preparation in Chennai, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to others as well. read more



"I have to thank Jamboree for my success in GRE. Their comprehensive study material, expert guidance and highly co-operative administration made my preparation a breeze. All that a serious GRE aspirant needs, is Jamboree's GRE prep course and their utmost dedication. Thanks Jamboree!"

Raghav Saraogi

Raghav Saraogi, GRE 330

The class recording video links are extremely helpful, along with prompt feedback from both verbal and quant teachers. The resources provided by Jamboree are comprehensive, from the books and the online practice tests to the specifically curated study plans.

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