Canada or US – Which is Better to Pursue an MBA? | Jamboree

Both the USA & Canada are the most sought-after study destinations for MBA students with top-ranked universities, world-class facilities, and an amazing growth rate. As both the countries have their benefits and offerings with an MBA degree, it becomes very difficult for students to decide on one country. If you are one of such confused students, our latest webinar is just for you. Join an interactive webinar on “Canada or US – Which is Better to Pursue an MBA?”, where Rajan Bhatia, our Admissions Expert, will explain the pros and cons of both the countries and guide you through your journey of choosing the right country for your MBA. Key Takeaways: 1: Eligibility Requirements for MBA in both countries 2: Affordable MBA options in the USA & Canada 3: What would be the cost of living? 4: Career opportunities 5: Settlement options after MBA #jamboree #jamboreeeducation #MBA #USA #Canada

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