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Your college dreams can go up in smoke due to lack of funds. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to study abroad without burning a hole in your pocket - student loans, scholarships, fee waivers, on-campus jobs, etc. Jamboree brings you an interesting webinar on How to Finance Your International Bachelor's Degree by Aryama Dutta Saikia, our COO with 14+ years of counseling experience. She discusses: - How to choose the right bachelor's degree - How to apply for scholarships and increase your chances of bagging them - The total expense of studying abroad - tuition, insurance, traveling, food and other costs - How to get on-campus jobs to cover your expenses - Self-funding vs. loans: arriving at a ratio that works - List of study abroad loan providers To see Jamboree's complete schedule of upcoming webinars, please visit: https://www.jamboreeindia.com/webinars To know more about Jamboree's funding partnerships, please visit: https://www.jamboreeindia.com/value-added-services To know more about Jamboree's study abroad consulting services, please visit: https://www.jamboreeindia.com/study-abroad-consulting-service

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