Journey to ISB's Young Leaders Program (YLP) with Priyanshi Sharma | Jamboree Education

The road to ISB should be smooth enough if you make the right move at the right time. Here is a Webinar on Priyanshi's Journey to Young Leaders Program of ISB. Discussion points: - Entry requirements for YLP - Application process of the program - Early Entry Option vs. YLP: What's the difference? - Ideal GMAT/GRE score for admission - Priyanshi's GMAT journey and tips for successful application Along with Priyanshi Sharma, BA Hons. Economics from DU, on the panel are Aryama Dutta Saikia, our COO and Vishal Singla, Senior Math Faculty at Jamboree. To see complete schedule of Jamboree's webinars, please visit: https://www.jamboreeindia.com/webinars

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