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Every year, 60,368 students give GRE to pursue their masters abroad, of which a few thousand make the cut. What’s more – you compete with fellow Indian students for internship and employment opportunities once you get there. We know what you are thinking – “How do I stand out?!” Our answer - Learn and build your own coding portfolio! More questions? We understand! "How do I crack the right tech internship after landing at my college?" "How coding can help you get a head start vs other fellow students?" "How can coding help me if I am from mechanical, electrical or allied streams?" "How to showcase coding skills in my application?" "How internships can build & enhance your coding portfolio?" Join us for an exciting webinar with your hosts – Aryama D Saikia (COO, Jamboree) and Ankush Singla (Co-founder, Coding Ninjas) – to know and understand how coding is important irrespective of your domain and specialization and how building your own coding portfolio will help enhance your MS application and your CV/profile in order to bag that coveted internship offer

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