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An MBA degree is expensive; thus, the prospective students always try to get their money’s worth, either in terms of career, salary, or personal growth. You ask any MBA student about his priorities after finishing his MBA, and he will mention the return on investment. If you also want to understand the different returns you can get on your MBA degree, Watch our latest video held in association with MDI Gurgaon. In this video - What is the ROI of a Management degree? Our experts will talk about Key deliverables: 10:05 How to select a PGDM program based on the ROI? 12:15 How does an MBA help you grow personally and professionally? 16:21 How can you calculate & compare the ROI of an MBA degree? 36:35 How do you make a great application to a top B School? About Jamboree Education Since 1993, Jamboree Education is helping students make their dreams of studying at prestigious colleges abroad come true. We have a physical presence in 22 cities of 4 countries - India, UAE, Singapore, and Nepal, and an alliance with 500+ universities & colleges worldwide. Thousands of our students have got admission to the top colleges of the world like Arizona State University, Northeastern University, Brock University, University College London, and more. We offer: • Standardized Tests – GMAT, GRE, ACT, SAT, IELTS & TOEFL • Admission Counselling • Alliance Admissions programs • A host of value-added services in association with our partners Schedule your FREE Consultation Call Today! https://www.jamboreeindia.com/ Follow us on our Social Media Handles: Instagram - http://Jamboree.li/e1 Twitter - http://Jamboree.li/f1 Facebook - http://Jamboree.li/g1 LinkedIn - http://Jamboree.li/h1 Jamboree blogs - http://Jamboree.li/i1 #Jamboree #MBA #managmentdegree #roi #ROIofmanagmentdegree #studyabroad #MIM #PGDM #education

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