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Business schools across the globe receive thousands of applications each year! Hence, the surest way to get yourself a seat at one of the top business schools is to make your application stand out. Now the question this, how do we make our profile stand out, and how to know what Business Schools look for in candidates. Watch our latest video, where Gautam Lakhamraju, Admissions CO-director at Great Lakes & Vaishali, Expert Admissions Counsellor at Jamboree, will address the following points: • What is the importance of an outstanding Profile? • How to make your application stand out? • How to write attractive SOPs/ Essays? • What soft skills are mandated for MBA students? • How can students showcase their experience, strength, weakness & more? • How to prepare for the interview day? About Jamboree Education Since 1993, Jamboree Education is helping students make their dreams of studying at prestigious colleges abroad come true. We have a physical presence in 22 cities of 4 countries - India, UAE, Singapore, and Nepal, and an alliance with 500+ universities & colleges worldwide. Thousands of our students have got admission to the top colleges of the world like Arizona State University, Northeastern University, Brock University, University College London, and more. We offer: • Standardized Tests – GMAT, GRE, ACT, SAT, IELTS & TOEFL • Admission Counselling • Alliance Admissions programs • A host of value-added services in association with our partners Schedule your FREE Consultation Call Today! https://www.jamboreeindia.com/ Follow us on our Social Media Handles: Instagram - http://Jamboree.li/e1 Twitter - http://Jamboree.li/f1 Facebook - http://Jamboree.li/g1 LinkedIn - http://Jamboree.li/h1 Jamboree blogs - http://Jamboree.li/i1 #jamboree #jamboreeEducation #businessschools #GMAT #GRE #Gautam #Lakhamraju #greatlakes

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