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At Jamboree, we teach you exactly what you need to know to ace the exam. Our course material and pedagogy are designed keeping in mind the core concepts that are tested on the GMAT. We help you solve questions with maximum accuracy as well as speed. Over the last 25 years, Jamboree's 140000+ successful students are testament to the fact that our unique teaching methodology leads to maximum results with minimum effort.

Jamboree’s Online GMAT Prep Course brings to you our hallmark simplified teaching methodology at the convenience of your own home. Fast-track your GMAT preparation through online concept videos and learn how to solve GMAT problems step by step. Clear your doubts through regular webinars and take mock tests to ace the GMAT with ease and at your own pace. Get maximum results with minimum effort.

About Jamboree's GMAT online coaching

6 Reasons Why You Must Join Jamboree

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Highest Scores since 1993
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Maximize your speed and accuracy with videos and course structure that mirror our classroom program
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HD videos and advanced analytics to keep track of progress
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150+ hours of academic, doubt and admissions webinars at convenient timings
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Unlimited doubt sessions across phone, Skype or in-person visit across our 39 study centers
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Refresher sessions before test date to help you excel

GMAT Online Prep Course

Plans and Pricing

Get the Maximum at the Minimum Price

INR 14,500
  1. 44 hours of HD videos that exactly mirrors Jamboree’s GMAT classroom program
  2. 3000+ practice problems organized by difficulty and topic
  3. 12 Linear full length tests
  4. 10 hours of one on one personalized doubt sessions with GMAT experts
  5. Detailed review of 3 AWA essays
  6. 180 hours of webinars: Foundation, Book 2, verbal refresher, doubt sessions and admissions information
  7. Complimentary IELTS/TOEFL live classes
  8. 2 months validity
INR 20,999
  1. 44 hours of HD videos that exactly mirrors Jamboree’s GMAT classroom program
  2. 3000+ practice problems organized by difficulty and topic
  3. 2 Official GMAT adaptive tests
  4. 12 Linear full length tests
  5. 10 hours of one on one personalized doubt sessions with GMAT experts
  6. Detailed review of 3 AWA essays
  7. 180 hours of webinars: Foundation, Book 2, verbal refresher, doubt sessions and admissions information
  8. Complimentary IELTS/TOEFL live classes
  9. 6 months validity
GMAT Test Series-1
INR 6999
  1. 12 Full length Tests (4 includes IR and AWA)
  2. 2 Official GMAC Adaptive Tests
  3. Practice Exercises with 1700+ questions
  4. Score prediction & test analysis by Jamboree's proprietary analysis tool
  5. Validity: 6 months
GMAT Test Series-2
INR 3999
  1. 12 Full length Tests (4 includes IR and AWA)
  2. Practice Exercises with 1700+ questions
  3. Score prediction & test analysis by Jamboree's proprietary analysis tool
  4. Validity: 6 months
GMAT Test Series-3
INR 1999
  1. 6 Full length Tests (4 includes IR and AWA)
  2. Practice Exercises with 1700+ questions
  3. Score prediction & test analysis by Jamboree's proprietary analysis tool
  4. Validity: 3 months

We don’t say we are the best, our students do!

The study material provided by Jamboree gave me a very good exposure to GMAT questions. Through the course I got mentally prepared for the exam. The teaching and testing methodology at Jamboree really cements the knowledge in a student’s mind. Full length prep tests gave me a sound base on how to approach the exam on the day.
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Adwit Kashyap
GMAT Score: 780
Yes, I signed up for coaching at Jamboree. It helped me manage time and balance my studies ...the reference material provided by my coaching centre also helped.
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Arjun Shah
GMAT Score: 340
At Jamboree, I was able to develop the specific skills required to score well on the SAT. I feel that Jamboree's authentic content and experienced English faculty were extremely helpful in helping me tackle the Reading and Grammar section, both of which were my weaknesses. The teachers were available at all hours, and taught me effective strategies to addressing questions of all types. Additionally, Jamboree organised doubt-clearing webinars (even though I never took one) to support my preparation. With Jamboree's help, I was able to score a 1550/1600 -- an 800 in Maths and a 750 in Evidence-Based Critical Reading and Writing. Special thanks to my faculty, English teacher and mentor throughout the journey.
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Vishwakrit Choradia
GMAT Score: 1550
My teachers played important roles in my preparation for the GRE. The teaching faculty and the staff, including the centre manager, are extremely help
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Prashasti Gupta
GMAT Score: 330
I attended the weekday batch at Jamboree NFC Centre for GRE and also prepared for TOEFL here. I found the material provided by the Institute for study
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Deeksha Gupta
GMAT Score: 325
Sometimes it's not only the study resources but the coaching and mentoring that makes all the difference. Coming to Jamboree gave me that morale boost and a defined action plan to work on. That's all I needed.
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Radhika Arora Grover
GMAT Score: 760
Jamboree has a good faculty-student ratio, so you get a lot of personal attention from faculty. Systematic approach provided by them really helped...allows you to make fewer mistakes. Jamboree books, vocab app & mock tests are sufficient to score high
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Jeevanjot Singh
GMAT Score: 340
Jamboree is an excellent institute. The study material offered the most accurate preparation for test day, especially the home assignments. The facult
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GMAT Score: 1460
When it comes to Education Abroad, the first thing that clicks my mind is Jamboree. Jamboree, an organisation which helped me get a good SAT and TOEFL score, and helped me get through with the application process. Jamboree has helped me a lot all through the process. Working with me is the most grinding task because i have a complete let go attitude and i don't put in efforts to the maximum extent, but Jamboree invested so much time and efforts in me and my application that if my dream of studying abroad is true. Plus excellence is what Jamboree preaches. Jamboree has left an extremely positive and affirmative impact on me that i'll recommend it to everyone who wishes to study abroad.  I'm really thankful to the complete team of Jamboree, who helped my dream come true.
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GMAT Score: 1520
My overall experience with Jamboree was very good. The faculty & administration were approachable & supportive as well - I got a lot of personal attention towards my queries. The library facilities & online test series was also a plus point. Their curriculum was extremely focused towards achieving my end objective, i.e. to ensure I get a good GMAT score. I would recommend Jamboree to anyone who wants to score well in GMAT.
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GMAT Score: 760
I enrolled in the classes at the Kolkata centre roughly 5 months before my test date. Jamboree has a set of faculty who are responsive even post classes, are deeply invested in your career and make every attempt to help you work on your weaknesses and build on your strengths. I was particularly unsure about the Verbal section but with the guidance of the faculty, the online testing platform which helped me time my practise sessions and comprehensive notes, I managed my target score. The SC techniques are specific to Jamboree and help significantly to master timing. The class structure is adequate and the centre staff helpful. I would recommend jamboree to everybody wanting a focused approach to the GMAT!

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Devanshee Pitty
GMAT Score: 750
I will always be grateful to Jamboree’s faculty and staff for their constant support and cooperation. The faculty is extremely hardworking and despite their busy schedule, they find time to take your doubts. They are always willing to walk an extra mile to see you earn your dream score. I think that the study material and mock tests provided by Jamboree have questions that are pretty much in line with those in the real GMAT. I would recommend Jamboree to everyone who is serious about working hard for a good score. :)

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Gundeep Sachdeva
GMAT Score: 730
Just based on Jamboree (mock) tests you can get a good score. Jamboree bridged me towards the best colleges in the world for doing MBA.
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Parth Vaishnav
GMAT Score: 710
I attribute almost my entire score and the performance I did in the GRE to Jamboree. They helped immensely with all the preparation, the faculty is amazing and the vast volumes of practice material they provide help inculcate the process of solving questions in the GRE.
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Sayantan Saha
GMAT Score: 337
I came to know about Jamboree after the results of my first SAT came out. I was a little skeptical while joining, but from the first lecture itself, the faculty did an amazing job giving us tips and polishing our techniques. The online lectures were very interactive and gave us the essence of group learning. Classwork books were full of exercises that were discussed during the online lectures. After the portion was completed, regular webinars were held to help the students clear any residual doubts. Finally, the test paper book helped me immensely. I solved the seven practice tests (1 test per day) a week before the SAT and managed to get a significant jump over my first SAT exam. I would like to thank the entire team at Jamboree for helping me achieve this feat

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Akshat Singh
GMAT Score: 1460

GMAT® Online Training FAQs

It varies from student to student. In our experience, it takes anywhere from 2 months to 6 months to prepare for the GMAT exam.
The GMAT exam does not test your theoretical knowledge of Math, English or Grammar. It tests your reasoning ability. Jamboree does not teach you complicated math formulae or complex grammar rules; we teach strategies that help students solve the questions with speed and accuracy. So, if you follow the advice of your trainers, there is no reason to not get a good score.
Jamboree offers Admissions Counselling services that can cater to all your university selection and application requirements. In addition to those, we conduct regular webinars, info-sessions and chat sessions where you can get your admissions-related queries answered.
Log in using the registered email address and click on "Forgot Password". You will receive an email for resetting your password.
We do not provide extensions to students. However, if your exam is scheduled to take place within the next 15-20 days, you can email your GRE registration details and we will give you a one-time extension.
Doubt sessions can be conducted in one of 3 ways - telephonic, Skype/Hangouts or as webinars. These doubt sessions are 1-on-1 sessions where you can interact with the faculty and clear your doubts.
On your Dashboard, there is a tab called Support. Click on the Sub-tab “Contact Faculty”.
Enter your Contact Details and provide 3 time slot preferences for Doubt Session. Further please provide the Questions and Topic to be discussed in the Box.
Once we confirm the availability of Faculty, you will receive an automated Email on the Registered Email id, confirming Date and Time of Session.
You will need to email your essay to We will send the graded essay to you within 2 business days.
Yes, you can. Mail us at to switch between program types and we would communicate to you the terms and conditions, if applicable.
If you have any queries, email us at


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