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Applying to universities abroad is a complex process. Time of applying, type of profile, application essays, letters of recommendation, etc. all play a part in determining the best-fit university for you. At Jamboree, we realise that each profile is unique and therefore, needs individual attention. Moreover, our efforts are also streamlined by student preference for colleges and countries. To help a student achieve his or her dream of studying abroad, Jamboree has tie-ups with quality universities in all major countries including US, Canada, New Zealand and EU.

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How are we equipped to assist you and why should you choose us?

  • Extensive Tie-Ups – We represent umpteen educational institutions worldwide, allowing our students the flexibility of choosing from a lot of study abroad options as per their need and desires.
  • Complete and Transparent Service – We believe in providing the best quality service to students by keeping them updated at every stage of the admissions process, right from choosing the universities until the visa stage.
  • Easy Communication – We realize the importance of maintaining smooth communication with students and keeping them involved during the entire process. Keeping this in mind, we provide hassle free service to every student.
  • Honesty – Honesty is one of our core values. We believe in giving complete and accurate information to the student.
  • Customized Guidance – We believe in giving valuable advice and guidance to the student. This helps us eliminate all doubts that a student may have or is apprehensive about. Our counsellors are trained to provide you with the best advice.
  • Professional Attitude – We believe that a professional attitude in the workplace has a positive influence on students and that professionalism generally leads to trust and credibility.

Features of our Alliance Admissions Program:

  • Ranked and accredited institutions
  • A wide range of programs for Bachelors, Masters, Diplomas, PG Diplomas and MBA
  • Affordable tuition fee
  • Scholarships for exceptional students (High GMAT, good work experience, etc)
  • Flexible test scores
  • MBA options with 3-year Indian Bachelor's degree
  • Professional guidance with complete honesty
  • Schools at strategic locations - Boston, New York, San Francisco, Miami, Amsterdam, Nuremberg, London, Dubai or, at small-town locations
  • High return on investment given in a global recession environment
  • Comprehensive package (from university section to the visa stage & more)

How are Jamboree Alliance Admissions different from the Jamboree Admissions Cell?

Jamboree Alliance Program is designed for students who are extremely focused on going abroad and are looking for cost-effective and scholarship-friendly college options. Under this program, we have a select and elite group of colleges with whom Jamboree has close relationships. This enables us to discuss the student's profile with the alliance colleges and provide the best possible course and fee options for the student. Our tie-up with these institutes enables us to provide this service at a much lower cost than our regular Admissions Counseling service.

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