GMAT Exam Fees (2019)

Exam fees

While registering for the GMAT, you need to pay the exam fees by credit/debit card, cashier’s cheques, money orders or personal cheques. Many MasterCard and Visa debit cards in India ask for secure code while making online transactions. As GMAC does not participate in this program, contact your bank for assistance. Most students in India pay the exam fees of $250 through credit cards. GMAC accepts payment through MasterCard, Visa, American Express and JCB. Charges on your credit card will appear as “VUE’GRAD MGMT TEST”. If your transaction is declined, your appointment will be automatically cancelled. 

Rescheduling Fees

At times you may need to reschedule your exam. If you reschedule more than days prior to your exam, you would need to pay a rescheduling fee of $60. However, if you reschedule within 7 days before your date of exam, you would need to pay the full exam fees i.e. $250.

Cancellation fees

If you decide not to take the exam at all and wish to cancel your appointment, make sure to do so at the earliest. Upon cancelling more than 7 days before the exam date, you would get a refund of $80. There will be no refund if you cancel within 7 days of your scheduled exam.

Additional Score Report

At the exam center you would be able to send your score report to 5 colleges for free. If you wish to send your score report to more colleges, you will be required to pay $35 per report.

Enhanced Score Report

Enhanced Score Report gives detailed information about your performance in each section of the exam. The ESR can be ordered for an additional $30.

Score Cancellation

If you are dissatisfied with your score and wish to cancel it after leaving the test venue, you can do so by paying $25.

Score Reinstatement

Cancelled scores can be reinstated for $50.

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