How to Register for the GMAT?

The leaders of tomorrow take the GMAT today, to get into the best business schools in the world. The essential first step is to register for the GMAT; this is a simple process, that we have outlined below.

This piece will focus on how to register for the GMAT online; one can also register over the phone or via conventional mail, but these are both more expensive and more time consuming than registering for the GMAT online.

Here is an overview of the process:

  • Time: Less than half an hour to register for the GMAT!
  • Difficulty: Easy (if you follow our instructions well)
  • Number of steps: Fewer than 10
  1. Sign Up on

    What: Create an account on the aptly named

    How: If you have already created an account earlier, you will just have to remember your password, and log in. If not, head to, and choose the Sign Up option to register for the GMAT

    Points to note: Make sure you note your password carefully

  2. Choose – Register For The GMAT

    What: Create an account on the aptly named

    How: If you have already created an account earlier, you will just have to remember your password, and log in. If not, head to, and choose the Sign Up option to register for the GMAT

    Post that, you will need to further click the Schedule button, to choose a time and date.

  3. Fill in your personal information

    What: In this section, you will complete your profile

    How: Following required profile information needs to be added:

    • Name
    • Email Id (Must be accurate to ensure you get communication on time)
    • Address
    • Date of Birth
    • Gender
    • Country

    Following optional details are also required:

    • Native Language
    • Communication Preferences

    Other Profile Details:

    • Education Details
    • Work Experience Details
    • Aspiration details such as, where do you want to work, where you want to study etc.

    Please make sure, you are creating your official GMAT profile – the name, date of birth and citizenship must exactly match your identification. If there are issues in the future you will have to contact GMAT customer service to make changes to those fields.

  4. Verify accuracy of information

    What: Before clicking on Save Profile details, you will have to verify everything that you have entered

    Why this is important: When you take the GMAT, you can be denied entry in case there are differences between the information you have filled in your profile, and the information in your official documents. Triple check!

  5. Choose a venue

    What: You pick the most convenient test venue for your GMAT

    How: After filling your personal information, the website will suggest a list of nearby test venues. Free test slots are a function of both venue and date, so you might have to try a few different ones

  6. Choose a date

    What: This is the most important part of registering for the GMAT. Make sure you check with your Jamboree mentors for the best possible date!

    How: Two primary factors are to be kept in mind. First, your chosen date should leave you enough time to complete your preparation, and to get your mock test scores to the right ballpark. Second, your chosen date should be at least a month before your first application deadline, so that there are no last minute scrambles. You can reschedule your appointment for an additional 20% fee, but it is best to get it right the first time

  7. Choose a time slot

    What: Choose your time slot (morning or afternoon) according to the time of day at which you are most alert, mentally

  8. Payment

    What: The final step in registering for the GMAT is paying the appointment fee of $250. Once this is done, and you agree to the test policies, you are good to go!

    Once you register for the GMAT, the stage is set for a huge career step. Of course, you have to achieve your full potential in your final performance, and optimize your test prep. Jamboree will help you get your highest possible score.

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