Note: Interim GMAT Exam Will Be Available Online From Mid-April

At Jamboree, we teach you exactly what you need to know to ace the exam. Our course material and pedagogy are designed keeping in mind the core concepts that are tested on the GMAT. We help you solve questions with maximum accuracy as well as speed. Over the last 25 years, Jamboree's 140000+ successful students are testament to the fact that our unique teaching methodology leads to maximum results with minimum effort.

Jamboree’s GMAT Live Classes Program brings to you decades of Jamboree’s teaching expertise at the click of a mouse! Taught by some of our finest faculty, classes are offered via live webcasts. Unlimited doubt-clearing sessions, numerous online sectional and full length tests, and customized study plans ensure that you score to the best of your ability. Now prepare hassle-free at the comfort of your own home!

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How Jamboree’s GMAT Live Training Helps You Get A High Score


  • 60 hours of live training and topic-wise concept building through Book 1
  • Choose weekdays - 5 weeks OR weekends - 10 weeks; 3 hours per session
  • 44 hours of pre-recorded concept videos
  • 1 doubt clearing session with verbal and math faculty every weekend


  • Advanced topic-wise practice questions in Jamboree Book 2
  • Timed online sectional tests
  • Online portal with 3000+ practice questions and their explanations


  • 2 official GMAC tests
  • 12 online full-length tests with explanation
  • One-on-one test discussion and analysis with faculty
  • Advanced analytics dashboard with score predictor providing detailed insight into test performance


  • 1 hour of doubt clearing with verbal and math faculty every weekend
  • Study plans customized to your target exam date and score
  • Doubts cleared on online forum within 24 hours by Jamboree faculty
  • Detailed AWA reviews


  • 180+ hours of webinars - Foundation sessions, Book 2 question discussion, Doubt sessions, Verbal refresher sessions before exams, Admissions information
  • IELTS/TOEFL classes (live or online), study material and full-length tests
  • Course validity of 1 year - options of repeating classes, testing, doubt clearing and accessing webinars

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6 Reasons Why You Must Join Jamboree

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Highest Scores since 1993
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Maximize your speed and accuracy with live teaching and course structure that mirror our classroom program
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HD videos and advanced analytics to keep track of progress

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150+ hours of academic, doubt and admissions webinars at convenient timings
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Unlimited doubt sessions across phone, Skype or in-person visit across 39 study centers
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Refresher sessions before test date to help you excel

We don’t say we are the best, our students do!

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Interim GMAT Exam Will Be Available Online From Mid-April
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GMAT® Live Training FAQs

Jamboree pedagogy, perfected through 25 years of experience, has now been optimized for online delivery! GMAT Live Classes simulates regular Jamboree classes using web-based teaching and learning tools. GMAT Live Classes teaching methodology starts with concept building followed by problem-solving, doubt clearing and regular mock tests. Results are systematically analyzed for identification of weak areas and special emphasis is laid on removing weaknesses through regular one-on-one doubt-clearing sessions. All of this from the comfort and convenience of your home!
Our programs are suited to individual needs. If you are looking for full-time GMAT preparation in a classroom-based setting and can commute easily to our centres then you should join GMAT Classroom program.
However, if your daily schedule does not allow you to spend long hours on exclusive GMAT prep or if you are located far away from our centres and yet want individual guidance that is interactive in nature, then we would recommend GMAT Live Classes.

That depends on what you are looking for. If your daily schedule does not permit following structured classes at a designated time, lacks flexibility or if you want to prepare at your own pace then GMAT Online would be a better option. On the other hand, if you are looking for disciplined preparation in a time-bound manner with the flexibility of both classroom and online programs, as well as one-on-one guidance when solving questions, then GMAT Live Classes would be better.
Yes, you can. Mail us at to switch between program types and we will communicate to you the terms and conditions, if applicable.
A decent internet connection (if you can watch Youtube videos, you can attend these classes), in addition to a laptop or desktop is all that you need. We recommend having official guide in order to address additional questions.

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