Introducing GRE Phygital Classes

An Immersive Experience

Jamboree’s Phygital Classes are here to bring you the best of all worlds!

Phygital Classes are a reminder that your teachers and friends at Jamboree exist in more than 720p!


Start Virtual Classes

When it comes to test prep, Jamboree's live classes give you an unmatched learning experience. Small batch sizes, doubt sessions, mock tests and analysis ensure that you stay on the top of your game.


Shift to Physical When Convenient

Digital doesn't work for you? Get the discipline of classroom learning at any of our 39 centers. Continue your prep by attending lectures, doubt sessions or taking tests.

GRE Phygital Classes

  1. Live Tutoring
  2. Pre Recorded Learning Modules
  3. One-on-One Doubt Sessions
  4. Dedicated Study Coach
  5. Webinars
  6. IELTS / TOEFL Classes
  7. Full-Length Tests
  8. Advanced Analytics

Smart Learning Platform

Smart Analytics

Assess your performance levels and compare with a large competition pool from across the country.

Customized Learning

Make use of Jamboree's unique teaching methodology for acing tests with minimum effort.

Doubt Sessions

Schedule weekly doubt buster zoom meetings with your faculty and get queries resolved.


Thousands of practice questions, revision videos and mock tests to take your prep to the next level!

Meet our Achievers

What did they say?

Arjun Shah
GRE Score: 340
Yes, I signed up for coaching at Jamboree. It helped me manage time and balance my studies ...the reference material provided by my coaching centre also helped.

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Prashasti Gupta
Prashasti Gupta
GRE Score: 330
My teachers played important roles in my preparation for the GRE. The teaching faculty and the staff, including the centre manager, are extremely helpful and welcoming. And the study material, especially the yellow book for quant and GRE portal for verbal make for a supremely comprehensive set of practice questions. All in all, Jamboree provides all the practice and the prep you need for the GRE.

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Vasishtha Sohani
Vasishtha Sohani
GRE Score: 330
My getting the score would not have been possible at all without Jamboree. The environment at Jamboree was conducive to learning. The faculties were always there for me and they were always encouraging. Verbal had been my weak point and if not for my verbal faculty, I would not have scored what I did. She was very encouraging and was always there for me, she helped me a lot in thoroughly analysing my mocks and by giving her invaluable advices about what approach I should have taken while attempting the questions and also what strategy should I adopt while giving the test. All these analysing sessions with her helped me a lot while writing the GRE. I am very,very grateful to her. I am also very thankful to my mathematics faculty for he was always there to see that I am not having any difficulties in the subject and solved it right there if I was having one.

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Jeevanjot Singh
GRE Score: 340
Jamboree has a good faculty-student ratio, so you get a lot of personal attention from faculty. Systematic approach provided by them really helped...allows you to make fewer mistakes. Jamboree books, vocab app & mock tests are sufficient to score high.

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Sayantan Saha
Sayantan Saha
GRE Score: 337
I attribute almost my entire score and the performance I did in the GRE to Jamboree. They helped immensely with all the preparation, the faculty is amazing and the vast volumes of practice material they provide help inculcate the process of solving questions in the GRE.

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