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SoP vs Personal Statement: Everything You Need to Know

When you’re gearing up to collect materials for your application to US universities, you may realise that most things, at that point, are beyond your control. Your UG scores are already on your transcript, your standardised test scores are in,...
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US Universities with No Application Fees in 2024

So, you’ve made up your mind about wanting to study at a US university. Congratulations! Everyone has a different experience when it comes to this lengthy process, but what’s the one thing absolutely everyone ends up having to do? Research!...
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List of All Universities Accepting 15 Years of Education in US (2024)

Alright, buckle up, because we're about to spill some US university names that will make your lives a little easier. Picture this: you, your dreams, and a master's degree in the US, all in a snappy 15-year package. Who said...
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What is Cornell University Known for: Quirky Secrets & Facts About Cornell University

Getting into any Ivy League is a big deal, but Cornell has a campus where your curiosity takes the lead — a community that celebrates diversity and thrives on out-of-the-box ideas. For this blog, we want you to buckle up...
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All Universities Without Application Fees in USA 2024

On average, international students pay up to $100 for each university application, with top-notch MBA programs such as Harvard, Kellogg, and Yale charging fees as high as $250. We can’t be the only ones who feel this is expensive, right?...
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Top 10 Most Affordable Universities in USA for International Students in 2024

The U.S. News reports an uptick in college tuition costs over the last year for both public and private schools in the US, with the average out-of-state tuition at private colleges climbing approximately 4% and public colleges seeing an increase...
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Top 10 High-Acceptance Rate Universities in USA 2024

The US is home to the highest number of universities featured in the world’s top 100. But getting into all of them doesn't have to feel like fighting for the golden ticket to the academic Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. If...
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