Harsh Shah | GMAT Score : 730

Exam Date : 1/12/2018

Centre : Ahmedabad

“Brilliant and dedicated faculty, Great staff and the material is very comprehensive. Helped me get this score in 1 month .”



Apaar Singhal | GMAT Score : 720

Exam Date : 4/29/2017

Centre : New Friends Colony (New Delhi)

“One of the best things about Jamboree in the level of competence of the faculty. Be it verbal or quant, the teachers are extremely well equipped and experienced to help and guide you. The staff at Jamboree is at your service all the time. They try their level best to make the journey easy. A special mention of the lab and the library which have abundant resources to practice and excel.”

Shubhangi Raj | SAT Score : 1470

Exam Date : 11/5/2016

Centre : Vashi (Mumbai)

“It feels amazing to witness one’s efforts bearing fruits and Jamboree has been one the key factors in achieving this.
I joined jamboree in the latter half of 2016. I had very little time to give my SAT, SAT Subject Tests, TOEFL and draft all my applications to apply for Fall 2017, but with the perfect and timely guidance I received from them, I got everything done on time. I was made to write numerous SAT practice tests and the teachers helped me analyse my repetitive mistakes. They being so experienced in this field, assisted me with my SAT and TOEFL preparation as well. I was given a lot of speaking practice which helped me score high. Not only did they help in increasing my SAT score, but aided in choosing appropriate universities as well.

I am really thankful to faculty for his counselling, supervision and informative interactions. He was really helpful and guided me throughout with a lot of patience and prompt advice. He helped me make sure that all my submissions were up to the mark and were done well within the deadline.

Faculty helped me with my essays and SOPs. She gave me appropriate advice as to how they ought to be framed and written to convey much more using minimal words. She helped me present all my ideas, views and ambitions beautifully through words.

Both of them extended help to me immediately when needed and were always patient with answering all my queries.
I thank the Jamboree team for their unending morale boost and for helping me achieve what I desired.”


Abhilash S Rao | GRE Score : 322

Exam Date : 11/17/2016

Centre : Jayanagar(Bangalore)

“I took the weekend classes for GRE between August and October. I had a wonderful time at Jamboree, their trainers are highly effective. Since the class sizes are small compared to many other centers, I was able to get individual attention. This is very important as GRE is an exam where you tend to make the same kind of mistakes over and over and if they are nipped at the bud early on, you have a very good chance of improving your scores. However the online portal requires some upgrades to keep up to speed with the other centers.”

J Vivek Adithya | GRE Score : 329

Exam Date : 4/9/2017

Centre : Nungambakkam(Chennai)

“Jamboree exhibits a high level of professionalism and commitment towards coaching students for GRE. The faculty were always willing to help me out and improve my performances. The managers were cordial and friendly and offered a variety of resources, including labs. I was able to score 329 only because of their sustained efforts and guidance. Jamboree is definitely recommended for anyone aspiring to study abroad.”


Animesh Satyam | GRE Score : 328

Exam Date : 10/6/2016

Centre : Noida

“The GRE prep course at Jamboree is on the mark. The best part is faculty which is all time available to listen and help with your queries. In short time of three months the course and faculty prepare you the best way possible. Mocks are up to the mark and prepare you for the best.”



Rajat | GMAT Score : 750

Exam Date : 1/4/2017

Centre : Dehradun

“I enrolled Jamboree dehradun in december, 2 months before my exam and within a short span of time, I could score my dream score. The faculty are well versed with their subjects and by their seriousness it shows their love and interest in what they teach. Other than the preparation of GMAT, I enculcated exam temprament. Thanks to Jamboree dehradun.”



Rohit Panwar | GRE Score : 323

Exam Date : 12/7/2016

Centre : Dehradun

“I was a student of Jamboree, Dehradun for both GRE and TOEFL preparation. Their main focus is on building the concepts which helps in dealing with the problems. The Jamboree curriculum is well designed and the faculty is readily available for doubt clearing.I thank Jamboree, Dehradun for their unconditional support that helped me get my dream score.I would highly recommend Jamboree, Dehradun if you are planning to prepare for GRE/TOEFL.”

Prashasti Gupta | GRE Score : 330

Exam Date : 11/6/2016

Centre : New Friends Colony(New Delhi)

“My experience at Jamboree was wonderful! My teachers played important roles in my preparation for the GRE. The teaching faculty and the staff, including the centre manager Manohar are extremely helpful and welcoming. And the study material, especially the yellow book for quant and the online portal for verbal, make for a supremely comprehensive set of practice questions. All in all, Jamboree provides all the practice and the prep you need for the GRE!”