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Is GRE Quantitative Reasoning Hard?

When it comes to masters admissions to universities abroad, the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a common requirement for many programs. Among the GRE sections, the GRE Quantitative Reasoning (QR) portion often causes anxiety among test-takers. In this blog post,...
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GRE Math Practice Without a Calculator: Quick Solutions & Techniques for Mental Math

The GRE preparation is long, challenging and pretty daunting for some, especially the GRE Quant section. But did you know that you can ace the GRE math without using a calculator? Be ready to flex those mental muscles and let’s...
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GRE Study Groups and Virtual Communities: Collaborative Learning in the Digital Age

The GRE exam prep might feel overwhelming, but it does not have to be a solo trip. The availability of online study guides and free GRE prep resources has made the process much more manageable and convenient. In this blog,...
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Writing a Winning GRE AWA Essay: Tips, Samples, and Scoring Criteria

Picture this: you sit down in a quiet room, armed with a pencil and paper, ready to tackle the Analyze an Issue task of the GRE exam. The clock starts ticking, and you realise you have only 30 minutes to...
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GRE Analytical Writing Test: Tips for Persuasive Essays

Starting on 22 September 2023, ETS will begin offering the revised GRE exam. In the revised version of the new shorter GRE, there is ONLY ONE Analytical writing task instead of two. “Analyse an Issue” has remained, while “Analyse an...
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10 New GRE Practice Questions with Answers

GRE is changing and the testing time for the new GRE General Test will be reduced by half! That’s right, from nearly 4 hours to just under 2 hours, starting September 22. Right now, no one knows the exact changes...
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The Importance of Vocabulary Building in GRE Prep: Strategies and Resources

Building a strong vocabulary is crucial for excelling in the Verbal Reasoning and Analytical Writing sections of the GRE. In this blog, we will explore effective strategies and resources that can help you enhance your vocabulary and improve your chances...
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