Regular Entry Program (REP)

REP is a one-year high-octane program that is meant for the consistent achiever. Starting study abroad exams’ preparation in Class 12 can be quite challenging as you have to not only prepare for board exams, but also work on mastering strategies to tackle the SAT/ACT.


Count on Jamboree to handhold you through every step of the way—from rigorous SAT/ACT classes to unlimited doubt-clearing webinars, from intensive TOEFL/IELTS sessions to compelling application essays, from university shortlisting to helping you prepare your financial documents—as we help you manage your time effectively so that you make it to your desired college. Because when you have one shot, let it be nothing but your best!

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How does the Early Entry Program help you?

Complete package to master all sections of IELTS/TOEFL
University shortlisting on the basis of profile and preference
Scholarships recommendation and application support
Scholarships recommendation and application support
Rigorous admissions interview training through mock interviews
Financial planning advice and documentation assistance
Visa counselling and embassy-interview preparation
Pre-departure orientation

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Personalized support
adapted to the needs
of the student

Detailed hand holding
at every step of test
preparation & application

Scientific approach to
universities and
course selection


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