Study MBA in Netherlands

In the Netherlands, the MBA is a one or two-year program covering specializations like finance, accounting, economics, human resources, etc. You also get to choose from contemporarily relevant electives like consulting, digital strategy, entrepreneurship, supply chain management, etc. A typical day in the life of an MBA student consists of classes with interactive lectures, individual and group assignments, case study discussions, work visits and guest lectures.

Some of the requirements to study MBA in the Netherlands are:

  • To apply to any Dutch universities, you need to have at least 2 years of work experience along with GRE and GMAT scores.
  • Depending on the applied universities, the total course fee would range from INR 700,000 to INR 4,400,000.
  • Almost ~97% of the student applicants pursue the MBA program in the Netherlands.
  • The average estimated salary for MBA graduates is about INR 6,000,000 per annum.

The Netherlands has one of the best educational systems around the world. And for students pursuing the MBA program, they can expect much more. As 95% of the population speaks English, besides Dutch, German and French, Indian students find it easier to work, study and live without worrying about learning a new language.

Take a look at the list of Dutch universities and business schools along with their program duration.

Dutch Universities Business School Names Program Duration
Tilburg University TIAS School for Business and Society 1 year
Erasmus University Rotterdam School of Management 1 year
Maastricht University Maastricht School of Management 1 year
University of Amsterdam Amsterdam Business School 1 year
Saxion University of Applied Sciences Saxion International 1 year
Hanze University of Applied Sciences Hanze International Business School 1.5 years
Nyenrode Business University - 1 year
International Business School, The Hague (IBSH) - 2 year
Webster University - 1 year
Hague University of Applied Sciences - 1 year

Standard of education

Business education in the Netherlands is quite popular and well-acclaimed among international students. National accreditation bodies (NAVO) and international accreditation bodies such as AMBA and EQUIS have certified the nations' universities and MBA programs.

You will also find that some B-schools have integrated staff and faculty, allowing them to experience national and international standards firsthand. As for the coaching techniques, the country follows a practically-oriented style of education. It also helps the students to think independently and gain leadership and entrepreneurial qualities. The Dutch education system promotes open learning where students are encouraged to question and challenge their staff during lectures.

Career prospects and placements

Prominent companies like Philips, Unilever, Shell, Akzo, and KLM are all based in the Netherlands. Apart from these giants, other national companies also give good career prospects for MBA students in the Netherlands. The country is famous for its transportation and trade industry as it plays a significant role in its economic growth. Other internationally-based companies that are either small or medium also hire MBA students, so there is no job shortage after completing the program.

The Netherlands has a deeply rooted connection towards entrepreneurship, and students willing to start up their business are most welcome. This culturally balanced attitude is the reason for the nation's stability and economic development. A general survey also states the country has the largest number of entrepreneurs, more than any other European countries combined.

Dutch Economic State

The Netherlands is one of the few European nations with a high standard of living even during recession times. The country is known for its competitiveness. And it has economic interests in keeping the working conditions for its workers habitable and balanced. Because of this work-life balance, the Dutch workers are stress-free, happy, and more relaxed than other developed nations.

Travel discretion

The Netherlands has a commendable base that interconnects all of its neighbouring European countries. Hence, several travel benefits are available when visiting the country. It is also easier for MBA students to travel by bus, air, or train to other countries. Another interesting fact is that you can find one of the most active airports in Europe located here in this country.

Working in the Netherlands after study

Students who are pursuing an MBA program or any other programs benefit from the immigration-friendly Dutch laws. After completing their degree students get one-year job search visa. Within that period if the student clinches a job offer, the employer has to file for a combined work and residential permit known as the GVVA. This will allow the student to live and work as a resident in the country.

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