Singapore has emerged as a prime destination for MBA seekers due to several factors. Its strategic location offers proximity to rapidly growing economies in Asia, providing ample networking and career opportunities. The nation boasts world-class business schools renowned for their rigorous academic standards and diverse student bodies. Additionally, the city-state's pro-business environment, stable government, and efficient infrastructure make it an attractive hub for multinational corporations and startups alike.

The top universities for an MBA in Singapore are the National University of Singapore (NUS), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore Management University (SMU), and INSEAD, which has a dual-campus in Singapore and Paris.

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Employment Pass is one of the most common work visas for international students to remain and work in Singapore after their studies. This work visa caters to foreign professionals who work in a managerial, executive, or specialised job. Therefore, applicants must meet a minimum salary of S$5,000 (as of 2024) per month and have acceptable educational qualifications such as a good university degree, professional qualifications, or specialist skills. Their employer must sponsor their work visa.

S Pass is another common work visa for international students. This work visa is catering to mid-skilled foreign employees who are technicians or specialists. Applicants must also meet a minimum salary of S$3,000 per month (as of 2024), and have acceptable educational qualifications such as a degree or a diploma. Their employer must sponsor their work visa.

EntrePass is a visa option for international graduates who wish to develop ideas or entrepreneurial skills by setting up a new business in Singapore. You must have started, or intend to start, a private limited company registered with Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) Singapore. At the same time, other criteria also have to be fulfilled.

International students must apply for a work visa to work in Singapore after they graduate. Generally, graduates will be granted a short-term visit pass after their student pass has been cancelled/expired. This visa will allow students to stay in Singapore for a period of up to 90 days. International students can use this extra time to live and look for a job in Singapore, but it does not allow them to take any type of employment while they are on this visa.

If you are graduating from a university which is on the list of Institute of Higher Learning and seeking employment in Singapore, you may have an option to apply for a one-year (non-renewable) Long-Term Social Visit Pass (LTVP). International students can use this period to work and stay in Singapore.

Disclaimer: These numbers are just estimates. Costs will vary depending on personal choices and lifestyle.

  • Accommodation: 1500 SGD (INR 82975)
  • Groceries: 1200 SGD (INR 66538)
  • Leisure: 700 SGD (INR 38813)
  • Transportation: 500 SGD (INR 27724)
  • Miscellaneous: 400 SGD (INR 22179)


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