College Board will discontinue SAT Subject Test and Optional SAT Essay from June 2021 onwards

College Board, the organization that owns and conducts SAT, will no longer offer SAT Subject Test and optional SAT Essay. According to College Board, the decision was taken for ‘reducing the demands on students’. With widespread availability of APs, students will have this avenue to showcase their academic skills to colleges where they will apply to.

Students in India will be able to take SAT Subject Tests in May and June administrations, and SAT with Essay in March and May administrations, if they want to. Find SAT Test Dates in 2021 here.

If you have already registered and don’t want to take SAT Subject Tests anymore, you have the option to cancel and get a refund by calling or emailing the College Board Customer Services. In any case, it is best to consider your target colleges’ SAT Subject Test policy and then to make a decision.

This move makes the APs more important for Indian students wanting to study in the US. Connect with our expert counsellors to know more about APs and other ways to strengthen your profile.  

What are APs and why are they important?

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