Eligibility Criteria for the GRE

A standard question that anyone thinking of taking the GRE examination might ask: Am I eligible to take the GRE? Has the ETS set any guidelines that would not allow me to take part in the examination?

Here are some important points:

  1. There is no age restriction.
  2. Anyone can take the examination. You need not be a graduate or have any other qualification.
  3. The examination is generally taken by students who wish to pursue their masters or their PhD. These courses require that you have an undergraduate degree.
  4. Test-takers must have a valid passport while taking the examination. Without a valid passport, the examination cannot be given.

Remember that the GRE, just like the GMAT is an examination which gives a common platform for the universities to evaluate students who are seeking admission. The GRE provides a filter for these colleges, along with other requirements such as the Letter of Recommendation, the Statement of Purpose, your transcripts and achievements, that can help the university make a decision on whether to give the applicant an admit.

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