How to Master the GRE?

In case, you are applying for graduate programs in the USA; you must first cross the hurdle of an exam- the GRE. A high score in GRE (Graduate Record Examination) can benefit you in gaining admission to such programs.

In reality, you may not be adequately prepared for the exam; you might be focusing on getting good grades in school, or you might be tied to a 9 to 5 job. However, devoting quality time for studying for the GRE can really pay off during the process of consideration of your application by admission committees.

Here are some tips to ace the exam as taught by GRE coaching institutes.

  • Target a date

    This may sound to be simple but is one among the most crucial steps you would take to appear for the GRE. In psychological terms, registering for the GRE will give you a real taste of the exam and even infuse a sense of urgency. Apart from this, there are practical considerations. The first concern is that GRE test dates fill up very early especially if you are seeking a weekend date and a popular test centre. Additionally setting up a date for the exam makes it easy for you to streamline your schedule and design plans for practice tests.

  • Design a schedule

    Students taking GRE may find time flying by. Hence it is vital for you to block time for test preparation as soon as possible. There is no universally suitable time to devote to the test but taking a practice test every week is good and more time you devote to studying, you will have a higher score. But you need to be honest with yourself- you must plan to devote the exact time that you can really spare from your schedule, for test preparation.

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  • Undertake diagnostic test

    Use GRE coaching to take diagnostic tests. Taking such tests provide you with many benefits. You can become familiar with the content and format of the test. You get to know the directions of the test rather than face them on test day. You also learn what your weaknesses and strengths are.

    But you don’t need to fret over current scores. A diagnostic test will only reveal only approximately what you will score if you take the test currently. It cannot indicate your potential for getting a good score on test day.

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  • Arrange for good material

    The final task is to get prepared for the exam with the right study and practice material. Again, you have to be honest about what you can afford and how much time you can devote to the costly study material. There is a humungous amount of material available in the market: books, videos, tutors, classroom lectures and online training. Whatever you choose, ensure that materials provide explanations about the right answers to practice test questions. This is because you cannot progress further unless you identify where you went wrong.

    When you adopt the above four tips, you will become ready for immense success in the GRE. Most students worry that they don’t have sufficient time to prepare. But using these smart tips can help you gain confidence in facing the GRE.

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