50 High frequency SAT words: Improve SAT vocabulary

The SAT exam does not test vocabulary directly. So, should you make an effort to increase your vocabulary? Definitely yes. Here’s why.

  • Firstly, the writing and reading passages have quite a few words that stump non-native English speakers. On the SAT exam day, you cannot afford to panic or be surprised. So, adding a few of these words will help you understand the passages better and address the questions correctly.

  • Secondly, in the Essay section, there are points for the quality of the vocabulary used. So, if you enhance the quality and variety of word that you use in the essay, you will get a higher score on the essay.

Now that you know that having a good vocabulary will help you score higher on the SAT, you may be wondering how to add words to your existing vocabulary. We, at Jamboree, want you to spend your SAT prep time most efficiently. So, we have gone through the official SAT content and actual SAT papers to compile a list of 50 words that appear most frequently on the SAT exam.

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