What is a Good GRE Score?

If you are looking to secure an admission into a good university, this is a question that probably has crossed your mind: What is a good GRE score?

A competitive GRE score is ultimately based on the university in which you want to get into. While some universities have higher cut-offs or highest GRE score, others do not. Simply put, a high GRE score is one that helps you get into the bracket in which our applications are reviewed.


The GRE is split into 3 sections: Verbal, Quants and AWA. The Verbal Section tests your aptitude in vocabulary, and your basic grammatical skills, while the Quants Section tests your logical reasoning in the field of Mathematics.

The AWA (Analytical Writing Assessment) is a section that is based on your writing skills. Writing skills are developed over a period of time. Consistent practice can help you enhance the way you pen down your essays. Essays are of two types: ISSUE and ARGUMENT.

Scoring System:

  • The VERBAL and the QUANTITATIVE sections are scored between 130 and 170, increments of 1 point

  • AWA is scored between 0 and 6.

The highest GRE score is 340, 170 in the Verbal Section and 170 in the Quants section.


Scoring ranges differ depending upon the university-bracket that you are looking for. While top universities work in the score bracket above 320, many others require lower cut-offs. Like we mentioned earlier, what is a good GRE score? A good GRE score is about what bracket your target universities are in.

Successful applicants to top universities generally gets a GRE score report well above 320, while applying to the top colleges and have a well rounded profile. Remember that a well rounded application is as important as a good GRE score. Most universities have cut offs much lower than those published by the top universities.

Do not worry about securing a 320+ score unless you are an MIT, Harvard or a Stanford aspirant. Most Tier 2 and Tier 3 universities that are outstanding in their pedagogical systems have cut offs way lower, and your target should be determined by your profile, and your aspirations.

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