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1. 20+ years of training and admission experience. 2. Standardized classes : Our classes are standardized to the point that movement to another city (where Jamboree is present) will not hamper your course. 3. Study materials & Online testing platform 4. Support at 31 centres across India and abroad.



In 9 months (April to Dec 2016), we got 262 GMAT scores of 700 or more. However, there were 75 scores of 680 and 50 scores of 690. Similarly, in GRE, in addition to 202 scores of 320+, there were 27 scores of 319 and 34 scores if 318.



What we offer at Jamboree?

  • Program built to cater to discipline and convenience.
  • Prepare smart with unique vocabulary strategy of 308 word meanings.
  • Full length tests designed as close as the real tests.
  • Admissions counseling.
  • Complete application support.

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