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The advantages of a 750+ GMAT score are many. First, even though median scores in all the top Business Schools in the world hover in the low 700s, a 750+ score is well above any of these median scores, and is a reassuring metric to have in the bag. In addition, it is a great morale boost early on in your application cycle.

However, this is not always easy; it needs very systematic preparation. When you join whichever of our preparation programs works best for you, you will be trained in achieving an aspirational score – be it 740, 760 or 780, we have hundreds of achievers in the past few years, alone. Today, we reveal a few of the first steps we’ll take you through, as you prepare to join their exclusive club:

  1. Use your destination as your motivation: You’re not giving the GMAT casually. You’re doing it because it will help you become one of the business leadership elite of tomorrow, because it will open the door to all your dream careers and help you land all your dream jobs. Constantly remind yourself of this, and use this fact to help you ace your GMAT. It can carry you through many difficult rounds of preparation.
  1. Use sessions with your coach to make practice efficient: Working out practice tests in a realistically simulated environment is the best way to perform on Test Day, but make sure you get better from test to test, instead of giving a large number of tests as a placebo. Work with your coach closely to analyze your performance by topic and format, and to work on improvements.
  1. Meet a community of like minded people: Nothing is as good as interacting with people who want the same thing as you – it spurs you on to greater feats of excellence.
  1. Evaluate yourself: You should always know where you stand – you should know the answer to the question – If I took the GMAT today, would I cross 750? We can help you there, too!
  1. Get a customized plan: You are special, and we understand that. You need to prepare based on your strengths and weaknesses, and that’s what we guarantee you; something that is tailored for you, rather than something mass produced for pretty much anyone.

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5 useful study tips for your GMAT

You’ve studied all the material. You’ve made a schedule to prepare for the big test. You’ve booked your GMAT test date. You’ve identified a coaching class. You’re set for success, you’re ready to go.

But then you think – shouldn’t I know some useful tips to further increase my chances of a 700+ score? Well, we’re glad you asked. Here are some useful study tips for you to hit the GMAT jackpot:

  1. Evaluate yourself on each question type: Drill down into the different question types in both quant and verbal, and understand exactly where you stand on each. If you think you’re strong in a given topic, practice a minimum few problems every week so you don’t get complacent. If you think a particular topic is a weakness, schedule multiple doubt-clearing sessions (with your GMAT coaching mentors) and practice sessions, so as to get over any phobia that exists.
  1. Make sure you practice enough: All the clever strategies and plans in the world won’t help if you haven’t done enough problems or read enough passages, and done all of that in a similar atmosphere as you will face during your GMAT. Use your coaching guides to ensure that you keep working hard at every practice question they have for you. The number of people who crack the GMAT without sufficient practice is like the number of people who have been into space: very very small.
  1. Pace yourself: Treat your GMAT quest like a marathon, and not like a 100 metre dash. There’s no need to burn the midnight oil every day; just make a training plan (with the help of your GMAT coaching guides) for you to finish studying the syllabus and take enough mock tests so that you are guaranteed success. The story of the hare and the tortoise may not be universally true but, in the GMAT, slow and steady does indeed win the race.
  1. Challenge yourself to get better: Did you just get 19/20 in that critical reasoning question set you did? Aim for 20 the next five times. Did you just understand that one data sufficiency concept that had eluded you for three weeks? Understand the other three that are causing problems for you. The GMAT is a test of excellence that you give yourself; you must constantly push yourself to become better than you thought you could be.
  1. Ask the experts: You might come up with ten tips that optimize your GMAT preparation, but GMAT coaching experts know at least a hundred times that. If you reach out to people who’ve coached others – for example, our expert faculty at Jamboree – you stand a much much higher chance of learning from the vast repository of knowledge we have, and becoming even more than you were.

Now that we have discussed how exactly you can get to the global Business School of your dreams, why don’t you schedule an appointment at the nearest Jamboree centre, and get on the fast track? All the best!

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