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Low GPA but High SAT/ACT: What Should You Do?

So, you find yourself in a bit of a pickle – a high SAT/ACT score but a not-so-stellar GPA. It's a common dilemma that can leave you wondering about your college prospects. Don't fret; we're here to dive into this...
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How to study in the USA after class 12

Your preparations to study abroad in the US can start as early as 9th grade because that's how far back some top universities go for your academic credentials. But even if you're starting anytime later than that, there's still a...
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Cost of Studying in Canada for Indian Students

What’s not to love in Canada? There are top-ranking universities, high quality of life, easy visa & PR norms, and excellent post-education job opportunities. The only thing that concerns most students while exploring Canada as a study destination is the...
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Tips for writing an amazing Common App essay

Students with excellent scores often face rejection from colleges because of a poor personal statement. Writing a winning common app essay is an essential part of your college applications. What is a common app essay? What does it entail? And...
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Renting Student Accommodation? 7 Things to Consider

Whether you are moving out of a cosy home or a university residence, renting student accommodation could seem like a daunting task. Since all students are not allotted university residences, students have to search for student accommodation even in their...
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What is the Common App?

Applying to colleges can be a daunting and complicated task. Students are overwhelmed with their final year high school examinations along with preparing for their ACT/SAT exams, extracurriculars, college applications and their timely submissions. The students would still be applying...
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6 tips to ace the science section of ACT

ACT or SAT preparation at school is possible without having an overload of stress. But you’ve got to begin right. The ACT is an entrance exam that several colleges and universities in the US use to make admissions decisions. The...
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