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Whether you are moving out of a cosy home or a university residence, renting student accommodation could seem like a daunting task. Since all students are not allotted university residences, students have to search for student accommodation even in their first-year. Renting student accommodation comes with its own set of responsibilities and it is easy to miss out on important things during the renting process. Exactly what do you look for in a student accommodation? Read on to find out the things to consider before renting student accommodation.


There are endless options when it comes to renting student accommodation–studio flats, shared apartments, accommodations with gardens and many others. You have a limited budget and hundreds of student housing and accommodation places to choose from.

1. Who to live with?

The foremost thing while renting student accommodation is choosing whether to live alone or with other people. Everyone has their own living habits and you should pick a partner with who you would be the most compatible with. After choosing a partner, discuss with them their expectations from the student accommodation, their duration of stay and other related things.

2. Visiting the property

After you have shortlisted the student housing and accommodations, try visiting the properties in person for a closer inspection. If you somehow find it difficult to do so, ask a friend or relative to visit the student accommodation or watch it on a video call. Check for the current state and the amenities on the property. After personally viewing student housing, you can better compare your shortlisted accommodations.

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3. Surrounding Area

The surroundings of your student housing and accommodation are as important as its interior. When renting student accommodation, check for the places around it–how far is it from the grocery store, public transport stops, market area, public places, hospitals, the city centre and other places of utility. Also, check for your immediate surroundings such as your neighbourhood and the people living next door.

4. Discussing Bills

Before renting student accommodation, figure out the payment of bills. Discuss with your housemates how you would be splitting the bills, rent and other common expenses. Also, check with your landlord the types of bills and expenses you as a tenant would be expected to pay for your student housing and accommodation.

5. Getting to the University

Before you shortlist or book your student accommodation, make sure to check its distance and travel time from your university. Take notes of the available public transportation, travel routes, and shortcuts if any. When it’s time to get to an early morning lecture or a late evening seminar, you will feel grateful for the short distance between the campus and your student housing.

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6. Security in the area

Student-centric societies are the favourite spot for burglars and other miscreants since most of the students are not home during the day. Check your student housing and accommodation for security cameras, burglar alarms, locking systems and other security devices. Also, talk to the neighbours about the security in the area before renting student accommodation.

7. Tenancy Contract

After booking a student housing and accommodation, students often find themselves entangled in tenancy contracts. Contract agreements are legally binding and so before signing the contract make sure you get a clear understanding on your security deposits, notice period, damage clearances, amenities provided, and the rent amount. Do a thorough reading of the terms and conditions in the tenancy agreement and to be double sure, get someone experienced to read it.

When you are a student, time is money. Well, you are already short on finances, so make time your money. Invest in student housing and accommodation that does not burn a hole in your pocket, saves you enough travel time and is not detrimental to your studies.

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