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The ongoing pandemic has hugely impacted both organizations and professionals, but the world is slowly moving towards restoring order and adjusting to the new normal. Although we are unsure of how much damage can be undone, what we do know is that there will be a major shift in how the world works and now’s the time to prepare for it. A GMAC corporate recruiters survey (2020) shows that there is a huge growing demand for three managerial skills: managing strategy and innovation (67% growth), managing technology and tools (60% growth) and finally, interpersonal skills (57% growth). It also suggests that people who upskill now are the ones who’ll be at the top 3 years from now.

Across the globe, lots of B-schools put you on the MBA path, but it is essential to choose the best country and the right university for yourself. Previously an MBA abroad without a doubt meant the USA and the UK, but now there are a lot of new countries that are gaining recognition for offering enviable MBA degrees (and jobs). Here is a concise list of emerging destinations for pursuing an MBA in 2022 and beyond.



It is not all snow and hockey there! A beautiful country with kind and multicultural people, Canada is an emerging hotspot for students looking to pursue an MBA for a ton of reasons.

Affordable: Canada offers an affordable alternative to its neighbor – the USA. Tuition fees and cost of living there are comparatively lower than in most countries. Add to this the various scholarships they offer, studying in Canada is a real bargain.

Global Ranking: With five schools in the list of top 100 B-schools in the world (QS Global MBA Ranking), Canada has fixed its place on the globe for being a country with quality MBA programs, and a degree from here is undeniably valuable.

Student-friendly: Paperwork such as visas, work permits, citizenship, etc. are usually a hassle for international students, but the processing in Canada is as easy as ABC.

Thriving economy: Canada has a soaring job market; the beginning of 2019 saw over 65,000 new jobs, and an average MBA graduate here starts with a base salary of almost $100,000, which is higher than most other countries.

Apart from this, universities in Canada have top-notch infrastructure and stress on both practical and theoretical education. Some of the best Canadian universities that made the under-100 QS MBA world ranking are:

  1. Rotman School of Management – University of Toronto
  2. Desautels Faculty of Management – McGill University
  3. Ivey Business School
  4. Schulich School of Business – York University
  5. Smith School of Business – Queen’s University



Singapore is an excellent choice for pursuing an MBA. This diverse little country is an international students’ paradise with currently over 50,000 of them from around the world. Studying in Singapore has a gazillion other advantages, but here are the ones that will help you dig your heels into the idea.

Return on investment: Universities in Singapore offer a rounded education with both practical and theoretical aspects, making it a great place to do an MBA. This country is relatively more affordable than its partners in the west, with a much lower cost of living. There are both expensive and inexpensive B-schools, but the salaries after graduation make taking the leap worth it, as students here usually breakeven before three years.

Innovative economy: Singapore holds third place in the global competitiveness report by the WEF (2018) and is known to have a fabulous economy. Many companies have regional headquarters here, all thanks to Singapore’s business-friendly policies and booming startup scene.

Geographic center: Singapore is literally at the center of the world, and education here has an eastern aspect along with a western viewpoint. Thus, allowing students to explore both global and Asian markets. Singapore is an entrance to South East Asia and an excellent choice for people looking to settle down there

Although Singapore only has a handful of universities, they are on par if not better, than most global universities. The best ones here are:

  1. National University of Singapore
  2. Nanyang Business School



India is in third place for having the highest number of new firms with over 120,000 organizations now (Economic survey 2019-2020), and these new organizations scream opportunity. Hence, an MBA from India is no-doubt a smart choice.

Value for money: Studying in India is by far the most affordable of the lot as the living costs and tuition fees are much reasonable in comparison to countries like the USA or UK. India is the best location for high-quality education at an affordable rate.

Career options: India has a lot of good schools across the country, every metropolitan city has at least a couple of renowned institutions, and although India is a competitive country, the effort you put into getting the top universities here always pays off.

Emerging market: India is a startup hub; the number of startups has grown sevenfold from being at 7000 in 2008 to over 50,000 now. And due to this reason, this country offers good career opportunities, even big global companies like amazon and google that have their regional headquarters in the country, hire Indian MBA students.

Some of the best B-schools here are:

  1. Indian School of Business, Hyderabad (ISB)
  2. Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A)
  3. Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIM-B)
  4. Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta (IIM-C)
  5. Xavier Labour Research Institute, Jamshedpur (XLRI)

New Zealand


This beautiful island nation is a great study abroad destination due to its friendly environment and cultural diversity. New Zealand is a small but mighty country and offers international students many benefits, along with a high quality of education.

Affordability: The second most affordable of the list, studying an MBA in New Zealand is way cheaper than in the USA, UK, or even Canada. They also offer a lot of flexibility in their education system, allowing students to choose modes according to their budget. With a reasonable cost of living for a high quality of life, this place is a catch. Scholarships and part-time jobs are a bonus.

Quality of education: New Zealand universities are gaining global recognition for having a high standard curriculum. The quality of education is on par with western universities, and the infrastructure is world-class.

Career prospects: Universities here put a lot of focus on developing the personality of a student along with their skills. They use practical and analytical techniques such as case studies, projects, and workshops to prepare students for the corporate world. For this reason, students graduating here are widely sought-after. Additionally, New Zealand’s robust economy provides students with more options than they can fathom. Some of the best B-schools here are:

  1. The University of Auckland Business School
  2. Victoria Business School
  3. Otago Business School

Although the USA and UK have been at the top for their education systems and curriculum, today’s world has countries in a neck-to-neck battle for talent and consequently, are trying to attract international students in large numbers.

Curious? Get in touch with our admissions counselors to explore more such options.

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