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Are you in your 12th grade? Are you looking at studying abroad? If you are, then college essays is a big part of your application, and you would have to deviate from your style of writing high-school essays. For many of you, writing personal essays illuminating your positives, and giving the college of your dreams to select your application from amongst the thousands that they receive every day, is a first time experience. We, at Jamboree, would like to give you a quick summary of the points to be kept in mind while penning down these essays.

  1. Why are you writing the essay? The key goal


    The key goal with any college essay, is to help the college understand who you are, as an individual and where your passion lies. Elaborate on the life experience that has helped you grow into believing what your life path should be. For example, you might have been inspired by the ways in which different sensors helped you enrich your gaming experience all through your teenage life; thereby wanting to study electronics or mechatronics in detail.

  2. Who are you writing for? The admissions committee


    Your college application has multiple facets to it, but the essay is your way of communicating with the authorities who are in charge of giving you that crucial admit. Do not make the mistake of constantly talking about your test grades and academics. The statistics of these can be easily read by the committee using your transcripts. Use the essay to go beyond what marks mean.

  3. Who are you? Individuality


    Many students make the mistake of using complicated language to write their essays, and the essays end up being prolix and uninteresting. Remember that these essays are a way of telling the admissions committee that you would be a great fit for the college and that you would contribute to it in more ways than one. Keep the essays simple, and write from your perspective. Individuality and authenticity go a long way in effective communication. Brevity must be exercised in your essay. As the saying goes:
    ‘The pen is mightier than the sword’, and what you write will go a long way.

  4. Where are you applying to? The college


    The college that you are applying to will determine how you need to tailor your essay. A few parts of your essay have to reflect why you picked that college and how you would be a good fit for it.

To summarize, use the essay as a window to break barriers and enter into the world of a new experience. Communicate effectively and concisely.

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