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An often asked question about the GMAT is regarding its dates since the assumption is that like most Indian management entrance exams, it would have an annually fixed date on which the entire applicant pool writes it.

However, the GMAC offers candidates much more flexibility than that. The GMAT can be written around the year, and slots can be booked as per the applicant’s convenience. This becomes especially relevant for aspirants since it has important strategic implications. Planning one’s preparation schedule around this fact becomes crucial.

One gets the choice of day as well as slot, either morning or evening. These dates, in turn, depend on the local centres, so it is a good idea to monitor the dates in advance and book well before one’s preferred date and slot vanish. Registration can be done up to six months in advance, though since the fee is non-refundable, it is advisable to register once the preparation is well underway.

The only applicable limitation is that the exam can be taken a maximum of 5 times in a year, and 8 times over a lifetime. The gap between the two attempts needs to be at least 16 days.

Do remember this information while booking your GMAT Exam Dates dates, and all the very best!

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