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An MBA degree opens doors to several lucrative career options for you, along with massive salaries. Thus, it would not be wrong to say that the Graduate Management Aptitude Test, GMAT, is your first step towards a successful career.

The GMAT test is an essential admission requirement for graduate management programs such as a Master in Business Administration (MBA) and Masters in Management (MiM). GMAT is administered by GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council) and a measure of your ability to adapt, learn & implement in complex situations. The GMAT score is accepted for more than 7,000 programs by nearly 2,300 business schools around the world.

So, plan, prepare and get ready for GMAT 2022  – Planning for GMAT is crucial to preparation as a maximum of 5 attempts in a calendar year with lifetime attempts limited to 8 are available to the students. Re- attempts must have a gap of 16 days. The GMAT exam dates are available throughout the year but dates around the university admission process are preferred.

In this blog:

1.    GMAT 2022 Exam Dates
2.    The GMAT Exam fee in India 2022
3.    Things to Remember
4.    Tips for GMAT 2022 Exam

GMAT Exam Dates 2022

An MBA degree opens a broad spectrum of career opportunities. Both forgein & Indian MBA degrees are globally recognized and well-received by international organizations. Business schools like IIMs and ISBs have produced some of the finest business leaders. The only difference between an Indian and foreign MBA degree is that colleges abroad have Spring and Fall intakes, which gives students a chance to apply for the degree twice in a year, while in India there is only one intake. GMAT aspirants should keep track of GMAT exam dates 2022 and plan their preparation accordingly. An aspirant can register for the GMAT exam on the GMAC’s official website.

GMAT Registration Dates 2022 – Registration remain open throughout the year

Date of GMAT exam – Pick the date yourself based on available slots. (GMAT is conducted on all working days in India from Monday to Friday)

GMAT Result – Declared within 20 days after giving the test.

GMAT Exam fee in India 2022

The aspirants can register for GMAT 2022 online or offline via test centers, calling GMAT customer services or through post.

The GMAT Registration fee –  USD $275

Rescheduling of Exam Appointment

  • Within 14  days of appointment – USD $150
  • 15-60 days before appointment – USD $100
  • More than 60 days  before appointment – USD $50

Cancellation of Exam Appointment*

  • Within 14  days of appointment – USD $50 Refund
  • 15-60 days before appointment – USD $75 Refund
  • More than 60 days  before appointment – USD $100 Refund

*Your appointment cannot be canceled or rescheduled within 24 hours of appointment

Score Cancellation

  • At center – No Cancellation charge
  • Cancellation online after you leave the test center- $25

GMAT Essay Re- Score – USD $45

To Reinstate Score – USD $50

Additional Score Report – USD $35 each

Score Report Enhancement – USD $30

Know more about GMAT Test prep,

Have you taken the GMAT before?

Things to Remember

  • GMAT is a computer adaptive test – That means when you answer a question, the test system re-estimate your ability and based on your previous answers the difficulty level of the next question is set. This provides an option to score more on the test depending upon the consistency of your answers.
  • There is no age limit on the GMAT exam, even students under 18, i.e. between 13 to 17 can also appear for the exam with a written permission from their legal guardian.
  • Generally, GMAT exam is given by graduate degree holders who wish to pursue Masters in Business. GMAC has not officially stated any minimum qualification for the GMAT exam.
  • Plan your attempts carefully as there are only 8 attempts available in total and maximum 5 in a calendar year. If you get a perfect score of 800 then you must wait for 5 years to retake the GMAT exam.
  • GMAT score is valid for 5 years.

Tips for GMAT Exam 2022

Know your Target ScoreYou must have had some universities in mind when you thought about studying abroad and attempting GMAT. The aspirants should be well aware of what score could get them accepted in the college of their choice. The target should be getting close to that score and beyond. A good GMAT score can open more options than what you might have thought of. Talk to Jamboree’s admission counsellors about scores accepted by Top B- schools in India and abroad. Based on the score you got, you can re- asses your options thereafter.

Make a Study Plan You need to allocate sufficient time to prepare for each section of GMAT. Each section of the GMAT exam demands structured and well scheduled preparation and practice. Jamboree offers some of the best GMAT preparation programs with options of Classroom Training, Live Classes, Online Coaching and Private Tutoring which can help you build speed, accuracy and stamina to remain focused for a long duration of time.

Daily Practice –  It is very important to practice daily, and our expert faculty at Jamboree provide you with a day plan till the Scheduled date of your GMAT test covering every aspect of the test. The GMAT aspirants should be well acquainted with the exam pattern, type of questions asked and scoring pattern. Enroll for Jamboree’s GMAT online prep and get classroom videos, practice problems, full lengths tests, personalized doubt clearing sessions, detailed essay review, complementary IELTS/TOEFL live classes and a lot more.

GMAT is an essential part of the MBA admission process. To fulfill your B-school dream, you must be prepared and aware of GMAT and other admission application requirements. Jamboree is here to guide you through each step towards securing excellent scores and getting accepted into the B-school of your choice.

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