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Finding good free GMAT resources is tricky, right? So why go through all that trouble in the first place? Well, we know! Free resources introduce you to all kinds of challenging questions to level up your regular test prep. And in this blog, we want to surprise you with details on the variety of GMAT resources that you probably didn’t know could be free. So, let’s dive right in!

In this Blog:

1.    Are free resources really free?
2.    GMAT free mock test
3.    Free GMAt study materials
4.    Free GMAT study materials: Study Plan
5.    Free GMAT Demo Class
6.    GMAT Free Mock Tests/Trial access to GMAT online portal

Are free resources really free?

Let’s address this first! Are free resources really free? Most of the sources you will find for free will require you to sign up first, including the official GMAT starter kit that comprises the two free GMAT mock tests. Harmless signup is a small price to pay for a better GMAT score, don’t you think?

GMAT Free Mock Test

If there were an award for the most in-demand free GMAT study material, it would undoubtedly go to GMAT free mock tests. Well, since there are just two free official GMAT practice tests (which we highly recommend saving for when you feel more confident about your test prep), finding an adaptive GMAT free mock test can be tricky. And when you don’t have enough official GMAT practice tests, Jamboree’s GMAT free mock test is the closest you can get to the actual exam. Jamboree’s GMAT free mock test has been specially designed to check how GMAT-ready you are, with the type of questions regularly appearing in the GMAT. Click here to take the test.

Free GMAT Study Materials

Now that we have covered the GMAT free mock test, let’s jump to the next most sought-after freebie – Free GMAT study materials. A few months into the preparation, students are often seen scavenging for quality practice questions. And it certainly is the right thing to do; since GMAT has a huge bank of questions to pull from, it is only fair that you have one too for practicing.

We know it’s easier said than done, especially when there is a major crunch of good quality questions, let alone on a specific topic. If you are currently struggling to hunt down questions of different difficulty levels on the GMAT Club forum, we have a solution. Follow our blogs to find quality GMAT practice questions with answers with in-depth explanations.

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Free Study Plan

You are not taking on a battle without a plan, are you? Study plans work as a clear plan of action that you can use before you jump to your GMAT preparation. It helps you understand the milestones you must hit every week during your preparation journey. Whether you are a full-time working professional or a full-time student, we suggest you don’t start your prep without a strategy in place first, especially when it is free!

Click here to download your very own free Study Plan.

Free GMAT Demo Class

A demo class is helpful to conclude whether you can benefit from classroom training for the GMAT. And that insight is valuable because it can significantly impact your GMAT test score to help you target better universities eventually. And Jamboree is offering you a free GMAT demo class; this shows how confident we are about our teaching practices.

Click here to take a free GMAT demo class.

Trial Access to GMAT Online Portal

GMAT online portal is a whole new world for GMAT resources, ranging from score predictors to study planners, data analysis to practice questions & much more. Thus, you can totally say that the free access to the GMAT online portal of a test prep institution is the ultimate king of freebies.

Let’s now get to the next obvious question, who is even doing that? We hate to bring it up again, but Jamboree is! Yes, you can now fully access Jamboree’s GMAT online testing portal for free for complete 14 days.

Click here to get access now.

Have more questions about GMAT test prep or admissions? We can help! Connect with our counselors for a free 15-minute consultation session and resolve all your doubts!

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