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PhD often tends to be the last bastion that you would want to conquer in your professional journey and hence it becomes all the more crucial that you choose the destination to pursue your doctorate wisely. This choice would majorly depend on your financial situation, area of interest, research infrastructure, programs offered, and so on.

Many countries that promise quality education for PhD candidates offer specialized faculty with high-tech research labs and good scholarship opportunities. So, if you are planning to pursue your PhD overseas in near future, we have prepared a list for you to compare and contest the best option. Let’s go!

Top 8 Countries for PhD

Here is the list of the top 8 countries to pursue PhD studies in 2022:

1. PhD in Germany

PhD in Germany

Magnetizing thousands of international students every year, Germany would be among the best places to pursue world-class doctorate programs with practically no tuition fees for up to the standard length of a PhD (3 years). It also has much more reasonable living expenses in comparison to other European countries. There are both structured PhD programs where you complete a thesis related to a pre-set topic and follow the program with a group of peers, as well as the classical PhD program where you have to work on your research project individually, alongside a supervisor. A good number of these programs are in English, making them ideal for overseas students. Apart from this, you can also explore multiple options for research grants, paid PhD positions and scholarships in Germany.

Course Duration 3-5 years
Average Tuition No Tuition

($175 – $250 Administrative Fees)

2. PhD in Sweden

PhD in Sweden

In Sweden, you can experience a distinctive spirit of innovation and creativity, regardless of the field you are pursuing your doctorate in. This country follows an interesting learning approach, where the students are encouraged to critically assess information, express their opinions and be independent. While living in Sweden can be expensive, doctoral programs do not charge tuition fees from international students. Moreover, a good number of the PhD positions here are paid as full-time positions.

Course Duration 4 years
Average Tuition No Tuition
Average Stipend $1,948

3. PhD in United Kingdom

PhD in United Kingdom

The home to some of the most prestigious universities of the world like Oxford, Cambridge, University College London, King’s College London and London School of Economics, the United Kingdom can definitely be a great place to pursue a doctorate. Apart from these, there are several other prominent institutes present in the UK, that offer a range of PhD options including Integrated Doctorate, Professional Doctorate, and PhD by Publication. Additionally, the UK Research Council offers a great deal of funding to PhD students in the form of grants to cover the tuition fees and stipend of around £15,000- £17,000 per annum to cover student living costs.

Course Duration 3-4 years
Average Tuition $5,524
Average Stipend $1,840 per month

4. PhD in Australia

PhD in Australia

This country has emerged as one of the top international destinations for a PhD. Australia offers a wide variety of PhD programs; from Marine Biology to Anthropology, there are some doctoral programs that can only be completed here. Furthermore, a generous post-study work visa for a minimum of 4 years offers a stable and lucrative work environment for international students interested in employment. It is especially popular among candidates interested in natural sciences, medical sciences, and engineering.  Even though this country can be expensive, there are many governments and institutional scholarships that you can apply for.

Course Duration 3 years
Average Tuition $12,300-$28,750
Average Stipend $1780 per month

5. PhD in Japan

PhD in Japan

A research-intensive, developing nation, Japan houses prominent institutions like the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Kyoto University, and the University of Tokyo that has a world-class reputation for developing unique cutting-edge technologies. With an excellent quality of education, fascinating culture, remarkable diversity, and low crime rate, Japan is now a popular spot for pursuing higher studies, especially doctorate programs.

Course Duration 3-4 years
Average Tuition $12,000- $18,000
Average Stipend NA

6. PhD in United States

PhD in United States

The land of diversity and innovation, the United States of America has been the most popular destination for higher education for decades. The country dominates global rankings for research universities involving structured doctoral programs that feature comprehensive training alongside independent research.

Not only does it provide good quality education, but also good employment opportunities both during and after the completion of the PhD program. America is the home to MIT, Caltech, Harvard, Stanford, and hundreds of other research universities offering a breadth of subjects available for PhD students. Even though the cost of education is substantially high in the USA, there are several research grants, financial aid, and scholarships available for PhD students here, which you can definitely benefit from.

Course Duration 4-6 years
Average Tuition $28,00- $40,000 per year
Average Stipend $1,875 per month

7. PhD in Belgium

PhD in Belgium

Slowly but steadily, Belgium is gaining popularity as a major educational hub. You will find several options for pursuing your doctorate program here, ranging from individualized courses to research-intensive ones. Much like all the other countries on the list, commendable scholarship opportunities are available in Belgium as well.

Course Duration 4 years
Average Tuition $940 – $10,544
Average Stipend $2,343 per month

8. PhD in Singapore

PhD in Singapore

Featuring world famous institutions like the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore is ideal for pursuing a research-intensive PhD program. Since most people here communicate in English, you won’t have to deal with any language barrier. However, the accommodation expenses in Singapore can be a bit too high for many but Singapore offers numerous fully funded scholarships that cover tuition and living expenses of international students

Course Duration 2-5 years
Average Tuition $26,700
Average Stipend $1,985 per month

If tuition is a deciding factor in your case you can also consider France, Finland, Norway apart from Germany and Sweden as tuition is free or relatively inexpensive in these countries as well.

If you are interested in pursuing your PhD in the next few years, you should definitely start laying the groundwork for it. Take out 15 minutes of your time and talk to our counselors. They will help you with profile evaluation and chart your personalized admission roadmap. Call us now and take the first step to your dream PhD program!

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