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Today, the undoubted pinnacle of achievement in the leadership or the business world is a top global MBA. Year after year, tens of thousands of the brightest minds in the world take the GMAT, score well on the GMAT, create an application, and wait to make it to the top 50 schools, worldwide.

But will these degrees stand the test of time? Will they be as useful in the economy of the future as they are today? In case you decide to follow this path, will your long term success be assured? In 30 years, will the MBA still be the reigning degree for those who want to make it to the top, or will something new disrupt the playing field? Here are some facts that might help answer these questions:

Harvard business school

The best MBA schools in the world have been around a long time; they have already proven themselves for well above 30 years

The big MBA schools in the USA have been hugely prominent since the end of World War 2; they have outlasted financial crises, global upheavals, and societal changes. The GMAT has been the business education examination of choice for decades. If nothing has overtaken these institutions for so long, there is unlikely to be a tectonic shift suddenly.

It is very hard to think of a replacement for the MBA

Business Leadership will be a priority in higher education for the foreseeable future. The MBA degree has been designed specifically to provide every kind of business leaders with the tools for success, and the best B-Schools in the world have perfected this formula over decades. It will be very difficult to supplant the top global MBA, because the MBA will evolve to be better, all-round, than most competition.

Large alumni bodies ensure that MBA programs become self-sustaining institutions

Every important body of repute in the world has an alumnus of a top Business School globally; these form a nexus of influence that pervades the world we live in today. These networks ensure that MBA programs will retain their prestige and reputation as the sources of the best leadership talent that the world has to offer, and this, more than anything else, will ensure that they retain their position at the top, and that nothing is able to easily knock them from the enviable perch they occupy.

We assure you that a top degree from a Harvard Business School, an INSEAD or a London Business School will still be a valuable certificate in a century. Take your first step towards this honour with a decision that will benefit your GMAT preparation; this is the road to a 750+ score.

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