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Every student has thoughts about how to increase the GRE score. The GRE consists of sections that test you on both the Quantitative and the Verbal section. Let us make one thing clear: You cannot neglect either of the sections!

We would like to give you an insight into the several methods that might help you enhance your score:

  1. Understand your strong points

    Not everyone is a grammar expert, neither is everyone a math genius. We all have our strong points and our weak points. Does this mean that you should get overconfident and neglect your strong points? NO! Definitely not, not for once am I implying that you get arrogant about your strengths, instead work on them and strive to become even better.

    The best part is that once you know your strong points, you can relax a little. It calms your nerves and helps increase your test-confidence levels. Let us give you an example:

    • If Mathematics is your strength, you can aim higher and target a perfect score! (Wouldn’t that be great?)
  2. b. If Vocabulary is your strength; just imagine how many hours of rigorous preparation you can save! You can literally just keep reading and solving, after learning the techniques, of course!
  3. Weak points

    We’ve understood how to go about your strong points, but we cannot leave out the weak points. Whatever your weak points are, working on them will enhance your score by at least a few points. Remember, ignoring a particular topic area is the worst thing that you can do! Never give up on a subtopic; remember that a few points can make a huge difference in the end. Your GRE score might be the key to a scholarship, or even an admit(given the cut-off score).

  4. Know the GRE

    The different guidelines, as posted on the ETS website, must be read by the student in depth. You should know the sections, the test structure and how the test is scored. The GRE has 5 main sections, and one section is unscored, it is a random section. Apart from the 5 sections that contain the Verbal and the Quants sections, the GRE also has an AWA section.

  5. Know your course- Research the university and the course

    Universities that you are applying to are of different types, while the GRE has a few sections to help those universities filter the candidates they want to admit. Courses that are quants-based such as MSc in Physics or a subject in engineering require that your quant scores be at a good level, as compared to your verbal scores.

  6. Subject topic knowledge

    The GRE has a reading component, a writing component, sentence completion and dozens of topics in mathematics. As a student, you must be thorough with these different subject topics, and be able to solve the questions that appear on the test on time. Improvise on your subject knowledge and be GRE-ready.

  7. The time and the test

    The time restriction that you have on the examination can be a big hindrance, especially if you are not well prepared. The questions that you solve are timed and must be completed within the stipulated time limit. Not only is subject knowledge important, but the time limit given to you must be adhered to. You must be able to tackle the questions effectively and therefore your subject-study intensity will come into the picture here.

  8. Avoid over-searching and non-authentic material

    The internet has a plethora of material and practice sets. This makes it difficult for a student to focus on quality material and study. Do not make the mistake of browsing websites randomly and reading every single comment. Some students are not well-oriented. Similarly, a few writers and reviewers do not guide you in the right manner. All your questions and answers must be learnt from a source that is trustworthy.

  9. Schedule consistency

    I have already mentioned how making a schedule is important. But apart from just maintaining a schedule, it is essential to follow it. A schedule must be adhered to and consistently updated based on how you progress. Tracking your progress will go a long way in helping you achieve your desired score.

Do practice everything that we have tried teaching you, and you should be able to score more than what you think you can. Push boundaries and test your limits!

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