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The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has reinstated the requirement of SAT and ACT scores for admissions. In the long list of universities that suspended the test score requirements owing to the covid-19 pandemic, MIT became the first prominent university to reverse the suspension. It is believed that other universities may soon follow the suit.

About the reinstatement, MIT mentioned that it is an effort to be “transparent and equitable in our expectations”. By reinstating the SAT and ACT score requirement, MIT has rejected the idea that tests hurt diversity and are only a tool for an applicant’s assessment among many others.

The Dean of Admissions, Stu Schmill stated in his blog post, “Our research shows standardized tests help us better assess the academic preparedness of all applicants, and also help us identify socioeconomically disadvantaged students who lack access to advanced coursework or other enrichment opportunities that would otherwise demonstrate their readiness for MIT.”

In July 2020, MIT had suspended the test score requirements as test preparation, and access to test resources had been disrupted by the pandemic. Now, with its updated policy, students applying for the 2022-23 intake will have to submit their SAT and ACT scores. Meaning that transfer students and prospective first-year students who are seeking admission to MIT in 2023 must submit their test scores.

Apart from MIT, a number of other universities are also in the process of reinstating the SAT scores, as these tests play a crucial role in the undergraduate admission process.

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