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“How many mock tests should I give?” I am sure that you have asked a friend, a faculty or yourself this question a few times. Well, is there really a clear cut answer? NO! Give as many as you can, and till you feel confident!

GRE Mock tests are key components in your GRE preparation. In fact, try and do at least 1 mock test before writing the exam. You need a clear cut understanding of what you might face, and what’s more: The exam is TIME BOUND? How will you account for this parameter without practicing?

A lot of students make the mistake of just practicing the different question types and directly sitting for the exam; this is a BIG NO!! Mock tests are required for self evaluation and determining whether you are actually GRE-exam ready. Let us examine a few pointers while doing mock tests and why these might form key evaluation points:

  1. A student can evaluate where he or she stands in the whole process of preparing for the GRE. Mock tests are a reality check. For example, if a student continues scoring really high marks in the Quants section (162+, lets say), the focus can shift from that section to the Verbal section, in which he or she probably needs more practice, depending on the score.

  2. Detailed analytics will help the student focus on specific subtopics. Once you finish your mock tests, reviews of the same will enable you to understand where you are losing time, and your marks. Did you spend too much time on one question? Could you have prepared for Reading Comprehensions in a better manner? Is there a specific question type across the sections that you are weak in?

    The answers to all these questions will give you a holistic view of how to move ahead with your preparation.

  3. Time Management is another CRUCIAL determiner of your score. If you are given 30-35 minutes, how many questions, can you solve confidently, and what will your average accuracy be? This is exactly what the GRE is asking you in every section. A lot of students run out of time due to poor time mapping. Be confident, and time aware while answering your questions.

To summarize, please do give enough time to prepare for the exam using mock tests. Not only will this give you an idea about how to proceed with your preparation, but also will boost your confidence levels.

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