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October 13, 2016

Did you know?

What is lost in the debates over meritocracy and access, or excellence and equity is the fact that in India, ever since the time of the country’s Independence, we have privileged technical knowledge and applied sciences over a well-rounded liberal arts education and this is one of the reasons that the best and the brightest of students learn in the most selective of American universities . U.S has led the way in developing and sustaining institutions of tertiary education with a focus on liberal arts education and innovative research. It is no surprise that in most international rankings of liberal arts major universities, American universities take the largest number of top spots.

It is equally disappointing that in none of the 150 such rankings, Indian universities figure anywhere near the top one hundred spots. Liberal arts colleges offer a full range of majors and minors across the arts, humanities, and sciences. In fact, many liberal arts colleges have the strongest science programs in the United States. The curriculum encompasses a range of humanities, sciences, and arts to help cultivate multidimensional thinkers across the disciplines. The goal of these institutions is to guide students to become dynamic thinkers. Many graduate and medical schools (as well as employers) are anxious to attract and recruit candidates who display a wide variety of skills


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SAT is as much a test of time management as of knowledge. It is important to take 3-4 full-length mock tests before the actual exam. These mock tests should be as close a simulation of the actual exam as possible. So, take the full-length mock tests in exactly the same time slot as the actual SAT exam. Also, attempt all the sections of the test – including the essay. Use the mock tests to build your stamina as well as confidence.

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