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4 August 2016



MS HCI (human-computer interaction):


– What is it?: HCI (human-computer interaction) is the study of how people interact with computers and to what extent computers are or are not developed for successful interaction with human beings. Students in the program engage in the interdisciplinary research and study of the interaction between people and technology and how that technology impacts society.

– Who can apply?: Since this is an interdisciplinary program students from a wide range of academic majors are accepted into the program like media arts and science, fine arts, graphic design, computer science, informatics, communication/media studies or film/cultural studies (demonstrated technical skills and knowledge of programming language is preferred).

– What are the job opportunities?: HCI jobs are in high demand as every company that designs and implements interfaces to computing systems needs HCI specialists . HCI graduates make career in wide range of industry like government agency, information collection and delivery, consumer goods, computer hardware/software, entertainment/media, advertising/PR, social networking and gaming .Some of the positions which HCI graduate take up are User interface designer, user-experience researcher, user experience designer, usability analyst, information architect, usability engineer, application developer, interaction designer, Web developer, human factors engineer, software developer and UI/UX Architect.

– Check out some programs: RIT ,  Carnegie Mellon UniversityUniversity of Maryland College Park,  Georgia Tech


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Tips ( Reading Comprehension )

In Select-a-sentence type of questions, word-matching is the most effective technique. A sentence from the passage where you can match most of the words in the question is often the correct answer.

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