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 September 1, 2016



MS Nuclear Engineering:


– What is it? Nuclear engineering is the most integrated of the engineering disciplines and has emerged as an exciting and vigorous field for graduate study. Nuclear engineers apply knowledge of atomic nuclei to design, build, and operate special equipment that is useful to humanity. These applications fall into several broad categories, including fission power, radiation detection, nuclear medicine, nuclear materials, and plasma science..

– Who can apply? Student who have obtained a bachelor’s degree in one of the fields of engineering or the physical sciences can apply. Required preparation in undergraduate coursework includes mathematics through partial differential equations and advanced analysis, nuclear reactions, and thermodynamics.

– What are the job opportunities? Nuclear engineers work with nuclear energy, nuclear waste, medical physics and more. They may also be active in design, nuclear research and nuclear power production.

– Check out some programs: UC Berkeley, Texas A&M College Station, University of Michigan Ann Arbor

 Mahesh, one of our Students from Chennai  has shared his experience. He has scored 325 on GRE


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Tips ( Critical Reasoning )

Critical reasoning passages/arguments comprise of facts and a conclusion. The facts cannot be altered or attacked. So, you cannot weaken the argument by questioning the validity of the facts. Any answer option that negates or opposes the given facts has to be eliminated.

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