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 October 27, 2016



Public policy :


– What is it? Master in Public Policy one of several public policy degrees prepares students both to understand complex problems related to public policy and to craft concrete solutions .It is about using the analytical tools and strategic orientation to identify the policy problems, design new policies and organisations, advocate their adoption, manage their implementation, and evaluate their impact.

– Who can apply? Students from a very wide range of academic majors are accepted into the program like humanities, social science ,biological or physical sciences, mathematics or engineering. However, previous work experience in policy making or implementation is preferred .

– What are the job opportunities? Program offers students outstanding preparation for dynamic careers as analysts, leaders and managers at various levels of government, nonprofits and corporations etc 

– Check out some programs: University of California Berkeley, University of Oxford, University of Maryland College Park

Application Deadlines

MS in Computer Science
MS in Mechanical Engineering


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Tips (Critical Reasoning)

?GRE is as much a test of time management as of knowledge. It is important to take 8 -12 full length mock tests before the exam. These mock tests should be as close a simulation of the actual exam as possible. So, take the full length mock tests WITH the AWA section. Also, the last 3-4 full length mock tests should be taken in exactly the same time slot as the actual GRE exam. Use the mock tests to build your stamina as well as confidence.

Top Scorer

Gayatri Murlidhar from Chennai has scored 327 on the GRE exam. Classes provided her definite structure to follow.

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