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January 5, 2016


Urban Design

– What is it? Urban Design is interdisciplinary program which involves design of buildings, groups of buildings, spaces and landscapes, and the establishment of frameworks and processes facilitate successful development in urban environments. The studio-¬based curriculum allows students to explore design strategies in a variety of scales and settings.

– Who can apply? Graduates in architecture and related disciplines, as well as design professionals can apply for this program.

– What are the job opportunities? Graduates work in private consulting firms, local city planning departments, state and national agencies, not-for-profit organizations, development companies

– Check out some programs: University College London, University of Michigan Ann Arbor, University of Texas At Austin

Application Deadlines

MS in Computer Science

15th Jan – University of Michigan, Ann Arbour , Ohio State University

30th Jan – Rice University

MS in Electrical Engineering

15th Jan – Cornell University 

MS in Mechanical Engineering

15th Jan – University of Michigan— Ann Arbor, Carnegie Mellon University



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Tips (Reading Comprehension)

In Reading Comprehension, first check how many questions are based on the passage. If there is only one question for a passage, then you can go to the question directly instead of reading the passage first. This is a very simple time-saving strategy.

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GRE Score – 331

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