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 August 18, 2016



 MS in Industrial Engineering :


– What is it?: The field of industrial engineering brings together the various sciences concerned with technology, the production of goods, performance of services and the way in which people work. Industrial engineers are concerned with reducing production costs, increasing efficiency, improving the quality of products and services, ensuring worker health and safety, protecting the environment and complying with government regulations.

– Who can apply?: Students with undergraduate degree in engineering, mathematics, science, or computing, although any student with strong quantitative aptitude interested in the field can also apply.

– What are the job opportunities?: Graduates of this program have found employment in manufacturing industries, health care firms, engineering consulting firms, financial institutions, transportation companies, government and military agencies, construction firms and consulting firms.

Graduates are hired as Project Managers ,Consulting Engineers , Procurement Specialists, Logistics Analysts , Operations Managers etc in organization such as Adomik , Caterpillar, Cisco Systems Cablevision and many more

– Check out some programs: Columbia University, Georgia Tech, Texas A&M College Station 

Mohammad GRE SCORE 325, Admit Cornell shares his experience.

He says “The session plan and study material of Jamboree are too good. It helps students to gauge at what stage they are, which is ideal for GRE preparation.”


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Tips ( Reading Comprehension )

While reading a passage, make a note of locations of words such as illustrated, example, instance, etc. These words indicate that an example is being given. Very often, questions are asked about specific examples. If you make a note of the location of these words, it will take you far less time to locate the example. And, this will enable you to solve the questions faster.

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