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 September 1, 2016



Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Emory University’s Goizueta Business School is one of the top-ranking schools of its kind nationwide.

It is one of the few B-Schools in USA which offers both 1- year and 2- year MBA programs.

Scholarships available.

Small class size ensures better learning and job options.

Goizueta offers a unique blended opportunities – big city with dozens of global headquarters to hundreds of corporate offices. Many thriving small businesses in fields such as media, technology and real estate.

The school also boasts three research centresalternative investments, marketing analytics, and social enterprise that generate increasing numbers of jobs in the economy.

The school offers more than 20 different concentrations within five academic areas so that you can customise your MBA.

Goizueta has the best job placement performance with 90% of students reported accepting offers and the average starting salary of $132,779. 

The average profile of Jamboree students who have got admission in Emory : 3 years of work experience, 710 GMAT score


Sanandha Mishra from Mumbai has scored  740 on GMAT


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Tips (Sentence Correction)

There are words that appear in pairs, example, neither – nor, either-or, not onlybut also, etc. These words are usually indicators of parallelism errors. The portion after the first word of the pair will have to be parallel to the portion after the second word of the pair. To check for parallelism, you do not have to match the entire portions. Match only one word after the first word of the pair with only one word after the second word of the pair. For example, say, you have the pair ‘neither – nor‘. If the word after ‘neither’ is a preposition, the word after ‘nor’ will also have to be a preposition; if the word after ‘neither’ is an article (a/an/the), the word after ‘nor’ will also have to be an article (a/an/the), etc. So, you can find the parallelism error just by checking one word, instead of reading the entire option. This is an extremely useful time saving technique.

Top Scorer

Mr. Alec Correa

GMAT Score – 760

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